Tuesday, December 30, 2008


Well, just got back from a prolonged vacation in Maryland. Oh well, it was a good vacation. Spent a lot of time playing guitar. I never have that much time to play guitar, so it was nice. The ride home wasn't that bad. I wish we took that train...It's so funny because on the way to Maryland, all I could think about was You, and on the way back home, all I could think about was You. Very, very, very funny stuff. I tried not to make the ride home as painful and nostalgic as the train ride, but that was a fail. What is it with me and transportation? I guess I can't ride any mode of transportation without having that stupid nostalgic feeling. I hate it, but somehow it gives me that sense of hope I was talking about in my last post. Yeah, that's what it is. (:

I follow trends too much. So, last post of 2008. What I loved, and what I hated...
Here it goes...

Overall, this year I've learned so much. I don't think that I've ever had such a rewarding year of my life until now. This year started off at a low, low, low spot, and I think that it's going out on a high note. And I couldn't be happier.
Just a few pieces of advice/things that need to be said...
-I fall for people way too easily.
-Dogs really are man's best friend.
-I treat music video premieres/single premieres/CD releases like their holy days.
-The Internet is truly an amazing thing.
-I get my hopes up too quickly.
-I'm obessesed with some kind of food every month.
-I want to be a Pin-Up girl.
-Insomnia was added to depression.
-My best friends are like my sisters. I can tell them anything and everything, and they'll always have my back.<3
-I got a little more loud this year.
-Doctors really do help.
-One's confidence comes from the combination of positive and negative feedback they receive.
-Long distance friendships are the best. Love you, Jem.
-I've discovered my talent for painting. Especially portraits.
-I love being a nerd.
-I changed my type of pointe shoes three times this year.
-The thought of having hair other places besides your head and eyebrows disgusts me.
-Vinyl kicks ass.
-I treat my music collection like they're babies.
-Sitting in the same room where something amazing happened easily brings tears to my eyes.
-I talk to my stomach.
-I've discovered what love is. And it's so beautiful.
-Love isn't measured by how much you show it.
-Feeling pain is better than feeling loss.
-Twilight was definitely better as a book.
-I now have a different outlook on sex.
-I think way too much.
-Silence scares me.
-Time doesn't always heal.
-Money doesn't mean anything to me anymore.
-Girls, you know that boy that you know you will always have a crush on? Never give up on him.
-Periods suck...and commas rule. (;
-Everyone hates over-punctuation.
-Age is just a number.
-Wondering if someone loves you back is much better than knowing that they don't.
-I've perfected my british accent. I think it's very convincing.
-I've learned to not follow whatever my friends do.
-Like small children, sometimes boys need things repeated to them.
-When I try to not to make what I have to say come out the wrong way, it does.
-I tend to exagerrate...everything.
-Whenever I pass by a security camera in the mall or at a store, I've gotten into the habit of flashing up a hippie peace sign. (:
-Pay attention to the shy and quiet people, they'll surprise you.
-The Jonas Brothers seriously annoyed the crap out of me this year.
-Sometimes crying doesn't get you what you want.
-I think I have more friends online than I do in real life...
-I'm finally admitting that I'm a crier. I cry at almost everything.
-But I can most definitely laugh at almost everything too.
-I finally bought some Sensual Amber.
-I'm trying to be overtalented.
-My dad finally agrees on some of my taste in music, and I agree on some of his.
-Just seeing/hearing certain names just makes me smile.
-I've been left home alone too many times this year, but I love it because I dance on the tables and turn the music up as loud as I want.
-There is never enough makeup in the world to cover up how ugly you feel.
-Draining a bruised nail actually doesn't hurt.
-The stage is my home.
-YouTube has seriously made this year amazing.
-You have no idea how many times I want to write down Their names, but I still refuse to.
-Picnik.com is addicting.
-Hot tea and the Beatles calm me down instantly.
-K.C. is my favorite dancer. And I have to have everything she has.
-I've come to the conclusion that scene kids are fucking stupid.
-Beagles have become my favorite dog breed.
-Blogging makes everybody happy.
Wow, I still feel like there's more to say, but I think that's all you guys could handle. Just think about it...I lived all of that ↑ plus so much more. (:
I hope everyone had a memorable year, I know I did. Happy New Year, everyone! See you all in 2009!!


JemAnachronism™ said...

Bria, I cried when I read the part that said my name. I love you sooo much. :D<3

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lucyinthesky said...

:D Awwh, I still haven't perfected any accent.
Be happy in 2009 <3