Tuesday, December 02, 2008

all my dreams will come true.

in one week, we'll be in the theatre for nutcracker. i am seriously not ready. well, i don't know. i think i'm just saying that out of nervousness. i've done spanish so many times, so i'm confident in knowing it. it's my first "big role". what do you expect? i'm especially excited for the school performance next friday. the school show is always the best. they're the best audience ever. i love seeing the smiles and the look of awe and amazement on their faces. that's what really makes me do better in a show. holiday pops is also next friday. the kickin' kringles dance that is! i'll try to record our rehearsal of it this saturday or on sunday and post it on YouTube. i'm going to send the link to keltie and see if she actually replies this time. for more of my performance information click here----> http://www.svballet.org/

my mother talked to pedro last night, and he told her the most amazing thing i have heard in ages. i'm currently researching for places i want to go to over the summer for intensives. i'm determined to go to an intensive out of state. pedro told my mom that he wants to send me to his old teacher down in florida. he said i wouldn't have to audition either! he would just make a call, and BOOM! i'm there. my mom said that i really have to start saving up and "being nice to her". i'm always nice to my mother...but my mind is set on florida from now until auditions start! pedro is so supportive of all of us. he's truly one of my heroes. he also said that he will help me with some audition tapes and/or photos that need to be taken. this is going to be a great summer. i can already tell.

i started reading invisible monsters by chuck palahniuk today. well, just the first 3 or 4 pages because i still haven't finished breaking dawn. and i don't know how i'm going to do it. within those 3 or 4 pages, i already can see the influence on Them. i can hear the music and sing the lyrics just by reading the first few pages of the book. and it was poking at that shortly healed soft spot on my heart. but, just like i always have, i'll be putting myself through it all. i have the strength. for Them.

the best thing happened to me yesterday! i got the latest email from AP and look look LOOK what i found:
that seriously made my day. i started tearing up. dear Jon, i love green day so much!! in honor of these great news, i think i'm going to watch my bullet in a bible DVD tonight. hehehehhee. yeah, totally going to watch that instead of doing actual homework.

i have dreams of orca whales and owls. <3

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