Thursday, December 11, 2008


last dress rehearsal for the week. i keep getting mad at myself. dress rehearsals are just going terrible for me. i don't know to think if that will ascend uphill, or descend to the bottomless pit of shame. i'll just do what i have to do, and of course my little ritual i do before i go onstage.
i'm such a bad little girl for taking pictures in the dressing room. oh well, i made sure there wasn't anyone changing or anything. too bad you can see the stress written on my face and the quick aging under my eyes. i look too old for a 15 year old.

here are a few things i would like to inform people about:
-girls, you do not want a guy with FUBs
-i'm louder and more annoying than you want
-i'm taller than you expect
-and i'm FATTER than you can see (barf.)
-everyone is just blind
-hot tea (without any calories or any sugars) tastes a lot better when you know that you're fat
-great, i really am chinky eyed

see you all kiddies tomorrow morning, bright and early! <3

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