Saturday, December 20, 2008

i'm still a happy liar.

a happy liar.

well, i said that i wouldn't write a blog today, but i lied. i just feel like there's a lot to say, and i just can't wait. ha. you know me, i'm the one of the most impatient people you will ever meet. like right now, i just can't wait for christmas. i'm just ready for it.
i went to the parent conference thingy today with mr. pedro. i think it went very well. we discussed my current standing point, my goals, the summer, and life after high school. and surprisingly it didn't take over half an hour. but then again, we had limited time since they were scheduled appointments. mr. pedro told me about his plans on sending me and courtney to the arts ballet theatre of florida for the summer. i seriously hope that's where i am going. of course, i'll still audition for other places, but knowing that it's where mr. pedro wants me to go, then i know it's a good school. he told me that he can see the i'm working very hard. it feels so good to hear that from him. he's one of my heroes, and i wouldn't be the dancer i am today without him. so, hearing that he recognizes my passion, my hard work, and my rewards, makes me very happy. he told me what he thought about what i should do after high school. and i'm glad that he agreed with me on VCU because i really want to go there. he also recommended butler. i'll be looking into those schools, but i don't want to worry about that stuff too much. (:

so, i never thought i was so good at macros/lolz:

haha, i personally love it, and think it's good enough to win the contest. what do you think?

yesterday was the last day of school in 2008. it went by so slowly...i don't like jerks. i love my friends. especially my dear friend, hunter, who gave me his old fender that i'm absolutely in love with right now even though it needs some repairs. i love used stuff. i don't know why, but for some reason, i just do. used clothing, used guitars, used CDs...anything that's gently used and you don't want anymore, i'd gladly take it. haha.

you know that feeling when you're happy for a reason, but that reason isn't good enough? but still, you feel like it's so important that it just makes you feel so good all over? yeah, that's how i feel right now. it's a wonderful feeling, for those who haven't felt it yet. and i hate to admit it, but it's all because of a guy. i don't want to go into too much detail about him, but i had the hugest crush on him for a while. we never talked, but i still was crushing hard. then i just gave up, but we started talking and it makes me really giggly. hehe. and i never knew conversation would come to easily between us. hehe. it makes me happy. i can't stop smiling. and my jaw muscles don't hurt quite yet, skippy. (;

i love webcams. they let me talk to my cousins that live all the way in california. i played my guitar for my cousin, aunt, and uncle. my other cousin wasn't there. he's just too cool to talk to me. but that's okay because i know that he's going to be jealous of my guitar skills. (:

i spent most of my sleeping and listening to music. and one more thing that made me smile:

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