Monday, December 15, 2008

last show.

so last night was the last show of nutcracker. and thank God, i wasn't crying. this year was great. everyone was so supportive, so loving, and just there for me. i love you all.

i never went to the cast party. i had to spend a little quality time with my vocally blessed little sister. and as you can imagine, i ate more than i should've for dinner. what can i say? it's the end of the performance. time to eat!

i'm so stressed this week. i don't think i'll have time to go christmas shopping at all...damnitt. i have no clue what i'm going to do. well, know that i think about it. i think i have a few good ideas. -wink wink-

i'm so ready for the holidays. i can't wait to light the fire and do nothing for hours on end. and i really hope to go to new york again. i love new york. i'm going to live there someday. everything happens in new york. and i think it's the city where dreams come true. screw hollywood. my dreams will come true in new york. i think i'll dylan up on her suggestion of julliard. do you think i could make it into julliard with my short, fat legs? i'll just keep dreaming. it's what gets me through anyways.

i think i'm going to start crying again. i'm so stressed with everything...i just can't take this anymore. there's nothing i hate more in the world than time and distance. there's never enough time for anything. there's just too much distance between everything and everyone. i hate it. i hate everything.

i wish i was homeschooled.
i wish i wasn't a procrastinator.
i wish i could be happy.
i wish my dreams could come true.
i wish Mr. Gentleman could just save me.
i wish Monkey feels better.
i wish i could capitalize "i".
i wish i could please everyone.
i wish i could just get a day off.
i wish i had Mr. Gentleman and his lads instead.

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