Sunday, December 14, 2008


tonight was just amazing. i love this feeling that i'm feeling. i think it's called loved or confidence or happiness. something along those lines...

i thought my day was going to be terrible when i woke up with a swollen eye. i love stage makeup until it irritates your eyes. but then again, stage makeup fixes everything. and so does keltie. seeing that she replied to me really made me smile. it really made my day. and i think that since she replied, i did quite well tonight. (:

we did a photoshoot before warmup class. the photoshoot was really fun. we did a company picture, and we all looked great. i'm still really confused as to why Foundation was there, but i'm not here to bitch. then i did a few shots in ms. susan's piece. i love that dance. and again Foundation had to ruin it. then i did one final photoshoot with these really pretty costumes. they were black leotards with magenta frilly stuff and a pretty skirt. i loved it. i didn't want to take it off.

and thanks to megan who delivered the secret santa gift to me. that was funny. we were watching "scarlet takes a tumble" backstage, and shortly after i myself took a tumble. haha. it was so funny. megan did a great job with the bag. it looked fantastic. and i think it really was worth the money. hehe. secret santa was fun. courtney had me the whole entire time! sneaky girl...

i totally rocked at spanish chocolate tonight. i'm so proud of myself. that was the best time i've ever done it which made me happy because it was in the public. i think the fact that my headpiece fell out made it so much more fun. haha. i hope the Little Man enjoyed it. i don't know if i should feel guilty or happy that i got a tad bit more of an applause than the sugar plum fairy. for now i'll just feel happy. i can feel bad later. i gave out two autographs tonight. when strangers come to tell me that i was good really makes me feel wonderful. i may get that a lot, but i treat every time like it was the first. when little girls tell me that i was their favorite and that they want a hug or a picture with really is the best feeling in the world.

just a few sidenotes:
-Sunshine is really starting to scare me
-the name chunky peter is just as creepy
-i wish someone called me mick jagger. haha.
-my fatness keeps popping the hooks on the spanish costume
-i am so good at hiding food in the dressing room
-FUB thinks i'm good, so i guess i'm good
-i can hold my breath for a very long time. thanks, dylan.
-i'm cady heron.
-i pretty.much. just love everyone right now
-i know who to go to if i need to do some blackmailing (;

thank you to everyone who has supported me in my dancing career. you mean so much to me. <3>
hehe. i love this. and i love pedro.
except my double chin. ew.
hahaha. i love that girl.
and those fishnets.

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