Friday, December 26, 2008


are on my Christmas list for next year. I would also like some Persian rugs, some tea that I've never tried before, and some wonderful incense would be nice.

I feel so blessed to have found love at such a young age. Happiness is found in love, and most definitely I've escaped my troubles and worries and found myself happy again because of my boys. Oh, you boys will never change...
B.Bear, you will never fail to amaze me. You are always full of surprises, and you're one toy that I never want to find the off switch for.
Walkman, you're always in that feel good mood. I truly admire you're sense of what real fun is.
Sizzle, you're the guy to go to when you want a big hug. Gosh, I love the way your arms just seem to be open all the time for anyone and everyone that needs some loving.
and last but not least, Mr.Gentleman. You are the reason why I'm not afraid to grow up without actually growing up. You've shown me that little kids can grow up but never lose their childhood. You've shown me that kids can be underestimated and can find true love. You've shown me what true love is.

Boys will be boys. Thanks for making my shitty Christmas a lot better.

Oh, and look at what I've been playing all day:

a few things about this vid:
-i just learned it today
-the last E string is missing
-i'm terrible at singing, so i didn't sing :P
-and the tuning is one full step down

don't laugh at me xP

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