Friday, December 12, 2008

school show and holiday pops.

today was the always fantastic school show. DIDN'T GO TO SCHOOL!! BOO YAHH!! haha. again this year, the school show was sold out. the kids are great. the school show is probably my favorite just because all the kids love you even if you screw up. don't you wish the whole world was like that? it was strange because they started clapping to their own beat during the sugar plum fairy variation. oh well. that's a first.
then it was a speedy drive over to rehearse for holiday pops. it was overwhelming. with the orchestra and the little dancing space, it sure made an interesting day:
-we are easily entertained with a couple of ipods a few hours to kill.
-mrs. jessee is a fast texter.
-i colored a pig purple.
-i took a nap with my eyes half open.
-eating by the bathroom stalls isn't that disgusting.
-there's no such thing as too much hand sanitizer.
-some old guy made a weird noise during our kickin' kringles dance.
-my butt floss was obvious through my unitard (according to my sister).
-i peed my red leotard.
-and everyone is just breaking down.

i hate it. my dear friend, shannon, wasn't feeling well so we had to accommodate the kickin' kringles dance. then another girl was discovered to be hurting herself. and i can't believe that i even contemplated about that lifestyle. now i really know that it doesn't do anything but hurt you. i prayed with a few other girls, and all the stress and the weight of the world was on me. i just started crying. i couldn't take it. everything was just surrel from that moment on. i just couldn't see such a young, good, sweet dancer like her hurt herself like that. i hate feeling like this. but i tried to focus, and the show went phenomenal. it was absolutely perfect. i must give props to my bitch courtney for being so B.A. for stepping in for violets like that. major props, courtnig!

i'm really excited about tomorrow though. i'm really trying not to worry myself anymore. i have confidence in myself, in my partner, in my friends, and all my dancers. you better be there.

sexy fishnets and spicy chocolate tomorrow. can't wait.

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JemAnachronism™ said...

You are one pretty girl. (:

I know what you feel about the whole surreal thing. It sucks. Its okay to cry though. I do it all the time.