Thursday, December 11, 2008


i crashed last night soaking my feeties. my feet were so swollen, i just needed to stick them in a nice foot spa. too bad i fell asleep in it. is that dangerous?
rehearsal was terrible last night. i'm sorry, but nothing was going well. but i think that's good because then we know we'll do a lot better at the actual performance. pedro held us till 11 to run holiday pops. and apparently i'm a poodle? just because i "perky" my butt up in the holiday pops dance. you should see it. ;)
what i learned yesterday:
-walking around naked with your best friends is one of the funnest things in the world
-i don't know how to talk dirty with a guy
-jet glue makes the tips of your pointe shoes slippery
-that guy isn't as great as i expected him to be (even though he's skinnier than i)
-she seemed nice until she put on her tutu
-mrs. jessee is truly a lifesaver backstage
-i can't keep a white costume clean
-don't strip down to your leotard and tights in front of the stage crew

and i just can't wait to wear fishnet tights tonite. HOT.

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