Sunday, December 07, 2008


today was the first put-together of CAST A for Nutcracker (tomorrow is CAST B). it was just a crazy day. above is just the senior company's dance bags. you should've seen what mass of junk there was when it was senior AND junior company! we are so messy. the full run through went great. there's nothing i'm too worried about. except my dying pointe shoes. i had to jet glue them today. and i must add that jet glue and 2nd skin are magical. they work wonders on hurting feet.

i seriously cannot wait for Nutcracker. it's going to be so fun! i love being in the theatre. i always treat it like a sacred place. i can't wait to perform on stages for a living. it will be the best feeling in the world to walk onto a different stage every night. the tutus, pointe shoes, lights, and pounds of makeup just make me feel beautiful. like i'm invincible.

holiday pops will be amazing too! i recorded our kickin' kringles dance. it's really sloppy. we were dancing for 11 hours! what else can i say? we're tired. and we are in fuzzy, red, striped costumes and santa hats. yay, christmas time. i'm going to send a link to keltie. i hope she answers. and i hope her injury isn't too bad.

i gamed it up on rockband world tour for the wii tonite. poor kid, his drumset for the game broke cuz us stupid kids are just hardcore gamers. damn.

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