Saturday, January 10, 2009

"Go ahead and climb in."

I got most of the choreography for my solo memorized. I got a chance to do it today after rehearsal, and I still was forgetting some of the choreography. However, I'm so happy that I'm absolutely brilliant at improv because it saves my ass so many times. MC and Brittany told me they got chills, which is a good thing, right? And my dear, Dylan...I love that girl.

-I ate about half a bag of mini chocolate bars. Thanks, Pedro.
-I had a good turning day.
-I realized how jealous I am of people with big enough houses to put a dance studio in it.
-my sister REALLY grossed me out.
-I feel extremely...never mind...
-is the second Slutty Sleepover!!
-You made me smile for the rest of day. Thank You so much.

Here's what's going in the program for my solo:

In Memory of Gordon
Music: "Remember When It Rained" by Josh Groban

I was inspired to create this piece from my grandfather passing away. The significant changes in the music reflect my discovery of bridging the gap between death and moving on in life.

Reinvent Love,

PS/Edit: Mr. Gentleman, my friend, you are so brilliant. I just can never get enough of you! Your quirkiness that I love. I love your quirk. You're subconsciously profound...or maybe I'm just in love to the point where everything that comes out of your mouth sounds like the most beautiful thing in the world.
In response to:
"You feel kinda trapped in there sometimes."
I freaking love you. <333

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