Wednesday, January 14, 2009

And so it begins.

Today's blog is all about beginnings. Everything has a beginning! Beginnings are what make life so exciting and a continuous journey.

Exams began yesterday. I took the Biology exam yesterday, and I'm not too happy with my grade. I'm really bummed because I studied really hard, and I got a C...but I'm trying not to worry so much. I took the Spanish and English exams today. There was a little mishap with the Spanish exam, there were really 100 questions, and I had only filled out 75. My exam didn't show the last 25 questions, so thank goodness I'll be able to fix that one tomorrow.

I'm continuing my physical therapy tomorrow. I'm not really getting into this, but I need this. Twice a week sounds so terrible, but I guess the more often I go, the sooner it will get better.

Today I started reading Survivor, and so far I think it's great! And I think this is the beginning of an obsession with Chuck P. books. Haha, you know me, always have to obsessed with something. I also checked out Snuff today, and I'm surprised the library lady didn't look at me weird. The book is covered in pictures of sex positions. Oh well, I'm still stoked to read it. Today was also the beginning of my job to reinvent love. I wrote "reinvent love" really pretty and big on a piece of paper and slipped it into a random page in Fight Club. It is the beginning of the movement of reinventing love. I am on the Reinvent Love Street Team, and that is our job. You should join us!
Riding around with Dylan today was so fun. I need more days like that; just out with my friends. Close friends. She's leaving for Indiana to do her audition for Butler University. We all wish her luck!

This weekend I begin my auditions for summer intensives. This Sunday is an audition for Atlanta Ballet, I believe, and it's in Richmond. I'm really excited to get ready for these auditions and such. Which reminds me, I really need to pick up my pointe shoes tomorrow!!

Tomorrow is going to be an easy day for me. Study Hall "exam" and Health exam (we get all the answers anways...).
I dropped a line over on Cash Cooligan's Myspace. He replied which made me smile. I think that all the boys of The Cab are really sweet and really care about the fans. Those guys are fantastic, and Alex has nice biceps. (:

reinvent love,

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