Saturday, January 31, 2009

call it, text it, break it.

So, I got a phone. But my mother says it's only for the weekend...I really hope I get to keep it though. It's an env2 in berry color!! I love it, and I need to keep it.

I'm here in Maryland/D.C. and today was very eventful.

First of all, the ride up here was very fun. Thanks to Maria's wonderful family, our ride up here was very smooth. But I had a little texting "drama" already...I think I'm just freaking out for nothing. But still, I'm getting a bunch of mixed feelings. And now I'm starting to doubt my own confidence in how I feel about him. I like him so so so much, and he has no clue. Somehow, I just wish that he could know how much I like him without telling him...

This morning we went out to downtown D.C. and did a little sightseeing. It was so wonderful...but insanely freezing!! I wasn't expecting it to be this cold until I saw the leftover snow and ice left on the ground...I haven't stepped on snow in forever!! I bundled up with a nice scarf and a pair of mittens!! I haven't worn mittens in soooo long!! I don't even remember the last time I wore mittens...We took the metro which was very nice. You guys know how much I love riding the metro. We went to the Capitol building which was quite interesting. And oh, just a tip: Ladies, don't bring any body spray in your purse when you go to the Capitol. They make you throw it in the garbage, no matter how expensive it was...

So we spent most of our time mimicking statues and laughing at our tour guide. We took so many pictures, but they're all on Courtney's camera since mine broke, remember? Then, we did more walking. My legs were tingling it was so cold. We made our way to the Smithsonian American History Museum. That was really cool too. My favorite part was the First Ladies exhibit. Let me tell you: The First Ladies are very fashionable. I love it. Especially Mrs. Jackie Kennedy. She's so glamorous...

Finally, we came back home, took a 10 minute power nap, ate some noodles, and were on our way to the audition. I had a terrible headache, so I wasn't sure if I was going to last through the audition but I did. And, it didn't go well at all...

I mean, barre was pretty good. I had no problem with that, and honestly, centre was that bad either. But then he made us put our pointe shoes on, and pointe has never been my strength. I made it through the first few exercises, but then he did a fouette combination which doesn't make me happy AT ALL. So, I seriously failed at that, and that just put me in a bad mood, and that put my application in the trash can.
But on the plus side, the teacher was really hott. His name is Daniel, and he's principal dancer with NYC Ballet. Oh, and dancer number 10, whatever your name is, I don't care if you're gay, I think you're so hott. Haha. Why are all the gay guys so hott?

I'm dreading tomorrow...I mean it's ABT!! How in the hell am I going to get in? Oh well, I'm going to try my hardest, even though I would lovelovelovelove to go there.
So, there are just a few things I'd like to say before I post one more picture:
1. Boys don't like you skinnyskinnyskinny boneyass girls.
2. Don't wear flats when it's 20 degress F outside.
3. I love portable heaters.
4. I think I've already become emotionally attached to my phone.
5. Pleasepleasepleaseplease to save me from insanity, don't pass a cellphone along 3 or 4 people and text me because I get so confused on who I'm talking to and I might not say the right thing to the right person.
6. I'm obsessed with typing like thisthisthisthis now. Haha.
7. I love mittens.
8. I think I'll actually understand U.S. History next year.
9. Thanks for trusting me. I think I'm more in love with You now...

reinvent love,

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Start Something said...

Fsdfkafsksfd YOU MET OBAMA (ObamaObama)!!!!!!!! Lucky girl. Who'dathought a president would hang out in a place like that?

PS: My word verification is horse. Haha.