Thursday, January 08, 2009

Exams, Auditions, Choreographing, Oh My!

I smiled when I saw this stunning picture from "Elementals" up on the website!! I'm the one with the brown pole with my leg up like a dog tail. (;

Today was such a terrible day until around 4 o' clock when things started getting better. I'm in such a good mood right now, and there's so much to tell!!

#1. After a heart breaking morning, it was hard for me to keep going on through the day. I satisfied myself by talking about Invisible Monsters and showing off that I can solve the Rubik's Cube (I guess it really is cool to be able to solve it.).

#2. Studying for exams is going better than I expected. I haven't had a mental breakdown yet, so that is a very good sign.

#3. And through the crappy day I had, somehow You instantly made it better by smiling. (:

#4. My daddy sure knows how to make me feel better. He drove me out to the library to get a library card and to check out Fight Club and Survivor. I love my daddy! Those two books are the next on my Chuck Palahniuk book list and also a part of my mission to Reinvent Love. After I'm done reading the books, I'm going to write "Reinvent Love" on some paper and stick them in the books. The next person to open the books will be part of the movement.

#5. I'm finally getting my audition list for summer programs ready. I'm so excited to be on the road with my best friends and trying out for some of the best companies in the nation. The first audition we're looking into is for North Carolina School of the Arts. The audition takes place in D.C., and I just can't wait to be on that open road with my best friends! It's going to be crazy, and Mama is going to want to kick us all out of the car.

#6. I've been asked to perform a solo at the museum performance this month!! This is a great opportunity for me, and it was handed to me by my wonderful ballet director. He makes dreams come true. I'm so excited to prepare this piece for the public. It is of my own choroegraphy and such a meaningful dance to me. It's to the song "Remember When It Rained" by Josh Groban. I need to review my original choreography and maybe modify a few steps...but you'll have to see it for yourself!!


faceless name said...

You should look at Point Park University Summer Dance in Pittsburgh, Pa. Thats where I go for the summer. It's such an amazing experience and its really well rounded!

Start Something said...

Where's your face oi?