Friday, January 16, 2009

frozen clementines

HEY! Look at this fattie!! Pedro tells me this is the best picture we took tonight. I mean, it's okay. My legs and feet look nice, but my ass looks huge, my waist looks fat, my neck looks like it's about to pop, and my face looks like I'm taking a shit. Oh well...we took so many pictures before we got this one though! I was getting really frustrated...We also took one of me in second position tendu, but I look too goofy. So not putting it up...

Today was the last day of exams!! Yay!! Finally done. I think I did pretty.well. on all of my midterms this year. This year was definitely harder, but that's just a given. Next week I start Driver's Ed and Dance and Aerobics!! Haha, I'll pass Dance so easily, it's not even funny.

I love the cold weather, but I hate that it's so cold! I don't know, it's just that I'm always cold as it is, and the weather just makes it worse! Gosh, I complain too much...but I really hope we get some snow soon!! It's so cold, we've GOT to get some flakes!! Let it snow!!

My mom finally got some good clementines. The last batch she bought were really bad. They were all soft and squishy, not my ideal clementine. I've been eating them all night!! So yummy!! So juicy!!

We're making the final preparations for the audition on Sunday. Mama Hood is giving us a ride up there, and it's just going to be so much fun!! The next audition is for Joffrey, but it's on the 24th (which is the museum performance), so that one isn't happening. I'm really nervous for this Sunday, but I'll just be myself and work my hardest! Hehe, this is so exciting!!

I'm almost done reading Survivor. I don't know why I haven't finished it today. I had enough time to finish it, too! I only have 9 chapters left...oh well, I'll wake up early tomorrow to finish it, so after I can start Snuff! Like I said, Chuck P. books=NEW OBSESSION. lol.

I need to find my fuzzy socks,


Start Something said...

1: You look fine in that picture. Your legs look killer!

B: R.I.P fuzzy socks ='(

Char x said...

I think you look super elegant in this picture and where in the world is this 'fat' you are saying you have? You look great.
Fuzzy socks are awesome, hope you find them.
And thank you, because you have been another person who has made me go and hunt down Chuck P.'s books. :)
Stay rocking,