Saturday, January 03, 2009

I want fruit.

First blog post of 2009!! (:
Today was the first company rehearsal of the year!! Yay! It was so exciting, and it was so good to be back at the studio. But my favorite part of today was probably handing that painting to Dylan for her belated Christmas present. This painting of Mr. Gale Harold was what made her completely speechless and breathless today. She was so happy, but honestly I think I was happier than her. I put a lot of time and love into that painting, I'm just happy that she had that reaction.

So today's rehearsal we started working on our pieces for the performance at the Taubman Museum on the 24th of this month. We will be performing "A Return to the Sea", choreographed by Bryan Skates; "Eddies", choreographed by Susan Honer; and an unknown jazz piece that Mr. Pedro started choreographing today. I'm understudying "A Return to the Sea". It's a lovely dance, and it looks brilliant onstage. I'm glad I was chosen to dance it. And there's never enough to say about "Eddies". I was part of the original casting for this dance, and because of that I will never forget this dance. It is beautiful and touching. The simplicity and moving art direction will leave you breathless. Two girls are understudying me, and I was glad to teach them my part. I hope you guys can make it to our performance!! Visit for more information!

I came home for dinner then fell asleep at around 8 o' clock. Then I woke up at around 10:30 and was craving sweet fruit more than anything in the world. So I opened a couple of pineapple fruit cups. They were delish.

I'm really not looking forward to going back to school on Monday. Plus, I'm starting physical therapy on Monday for my terrible back problems. I'm hoping it solves it.

Reinvent Love!

Oh wow, no braces and tiny as ever!
Eddie's '07<3

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Lyssa said...

Oh my gosh. You're an amazing dancer AND you're a female Picasso? I think you got all the talent, twin :]