Thursday, January 29, 2009

I'm leaving.

I'm leaving for D.C./Maryland tomorrow right after school.
And for once, I'm very upset that I am.

I usually can't wait to leave this bitch town, but this time, I just wish, this ONE TIME, that I could stay here. Thanks to You, I want to skip out on the trip upstate to be with You. Don't feel bad or anything...You're just amazing, and things are just getting screwed up a little now. And now I feel so so so so SOOO stupid for being in such a bad mood for practically nothing. But I'm just afraid that this "little" thing is going to make things even worse. I just kept thinking about how perfect things were...I guess I shouldn't call it perfect anymore.

It's so funny how things were so perfect just about a week ago, and now they're going a bit downhill. I'm still hoping and wishing that things will pick back up to speed.

Today I realized (with my flare jeans and all, which btw no one noticed) that the books that I have recently been reading have been somehow corresponding to my life.

I don't want to give any names or anything, but for example...
I started reading Nick and Norah's... today, and next thing I know, I was invited to go to a show tomorrow in a sketchy part of town. How strange! I love how things just end up that way, and then I started fantasizing how it could be absolutely perfect...
But then I find out I'm leaving tomorrow night! I thought we weren't leaving 'till Saturday morning...
Even bits and pieces of movies are starting to match up with my life. I don't think I want to go into detail with that one, but you get the idea.
Has anything brilliantly strange like this happened to you?

So, I totally, like, really need this shirt:

Staying home > epically failing,

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