Sunday, January 18, 2009

M.A.S.H. I.T.

Today was my audition for Atlanta Ballet. The audition was in Richmond, at the Richmond Ballet studios. We left here around 9am. We stopped at Sheetz on the way there, and I ordered a Smagel (or however you spell it), and it was delish. Order it. Courtney, Maria, and I were all freaking out on the way there. We were shaking as we were putting up our buns...Then we arrived there around 12pm, just in time for registration. We got registered and such (I was number 6). We stretched a bit, and oh, I was so nervous. I wore my Panic At The Disco shirt for good luck. I talked with a few of the other girls, and they were just as nervous as we were. They all seemed very sweet, but hot damn, they were skinny!! Goodness gracious, I need to go on a diet I swear...But anyways, it was a bit nerve-racking, but other than that, it was a pretty easy audition. Barre was quite simple, just the usual pliés, tendus, rond de jambs, frappés, adagio, and grand battment. We then put pointe shoes on for centrework, which wasn't that hard either. And I think I finally broke in my pointe shoes. Oh! And I did a triple en dedant piroutte, and the teacher saw it!! So, that gave me a few extra points. However, I always get nervous for auditions because my legs are soooo hyper extended, and I can't help that my legs are always bent in 5th position, and I know that many teachers don't like that...but I still showed my good stage presence as always. Overall, I think that Atlanta Ballet has a good audition and it seems they have a very good program.

I got into the five week advanced program, so I guess I did better than I expected. (:

We got really tired on the way back, and I drank too much water and had to pee so bad. But then we got all hyper as usual, and we watched "Legally Blonde" which is always a good movie to watch with the girls. Then we stopped at Ruby Tuesday's to get a nice dinner. Our poor waiter, Colin...we kept laughing at him. And we couldn't figure out why, he was just so goofy. Finally, for the last hour or so, we played M.A.S.H. I.T. which is always a good time killer. And now I'm home!

The next audition will be next Sunday in Washington D.C. for the Washington Ballet, of course! But on that Saturday is our Museum Performance. We finished our jazz dance yesterday, and I absolutely love it! It's called Sabor Latino (I think!!), and it's very latin based dancing. Very spicy. Muy caliente. I hope to see many of you there!!


P.S. I'm glad that I got to talk to You on the way there. Thanks for that extra encouragement. <3

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Start Something said...

How do you DO all that??????????? I could never be a ballerina. Even if i could dance. I wouldn't remember the names of everything