Saturday, January 24, 2009


Have you ever been so happy that even if bad things are happening, all you can think about is what is making you happy?
Have you ever been so happy that your cheeks started hurting from smiling so much?

I've felt this way all day long. I don't want to make me seem so immature, but I am so giggly and happy! There's nothing else to say! I just don't think that I'll ever feel this happy about anything or anyone, for that matter, ever again.

I had the greatest time with Courtney and Maria last night. Maria's dog is so precious. My little baby brother. Although, a few minutes after we took these pictures, my camera broke. Completely broken. It won't turn on or anything. Honestly, it's about time! I've had that camera since 8th grade!! I've dropped it so many times, no wonder it just decided to die. It was a party last night at Maria's house. So so so fun. And it's only because Courtney and I were there.

Then going to the museum just made it so much more fun. The show went absolutely swell. Actually better than swell. I got to wear my hair down for my solo. I would've gotten pictures and even a video if it hadn't broke! The jazz dance was so fun!! We went all out, and I completely sold myself. It was brilliant!

And the rest of the day was just splendid. I had a nice cup of iced caramel latte from M.M. Coffee. The best in town. And I shared that coffee with one of my good friends. We had a great time.

Now I'm preparing for my audition for the Washington Ballet audition tomorrow. I took my headshot's yesterday, and I've already printed off my arabesque picture. I'm really nervous, but I'll just remember who I felt today to make myself feel better. (:

And just a few things I'd like to say:
-I worry too much.
-Boys, boys, boys...
-Wow, those were weird tampons...
-You only experience the best moments in your life with your best friends.
-DO NOT wear lip gloss when you're dancing with your hair down.
-I'd say that three minutes was the fastest quick change that I've ever done.
-Dancing so close to the audience is honestly better than not seeing an audience at all.
-Girls, remember when I told you to never let go of that guy you will always like? I have proof that that boy will come around. (;
-I seriously love my calves.
-Eye contact is key in a good conversation.
-There's no such thing as smiling too much.
-I'm too famous to walk out through the front of a venue...
-...but I'm not famous enough to be recognized in a coffee shop.

Thank you so much for all those who came out today! You mean the world to me and the company! Keep supporting us! Thank you, thank you, thank you again!!



JemAnachronism™ said...

I'm glad your super smiling, Bria. I'll smile with you. :D<3

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