Wednesday, January 28, 2009


Today was back to reality.

Who am I kidding? Is it even possible for someone to be happy this long? I don't want to force myself to not be happy, but I feel like I'm annoying everyone around me. It seems like there aren't enough people that I can, I apologize if I intensely annoyed the crap out of you!
...I mean I felt ridiculous waiting for him. I waited for about an hour or two just to have a couple of lines of conversation with him...I need to stop complaining and annoying you all!

I'm doing this experiment...
Tomorrow I'm going to wear flare jeans. If I find them.
I haven't worn flare jeans since 8th grade!! I really want to see if anyone notices. Well, if you read this obviously you're going to notice, but hopefully you'll forget! I've worn skinny jeans for the longest time, so we'll see who actually pays attention...

I finished Snuff today. No matter how vulgar and disgusting it got at times, I loved it. It was pure brilliance. Chuck P. never fails to amaze me. His novels are always humorous and just fantastic. Tomorrow I'm starting Nick and Norah's Infinite Playlist. I'm really excited to start that one. I need to return Survivor along with Snuff to the library with my "Reinvent Love" cards in them to continue to spread the lovelovelove. And I might check out Tropic of Cancer while I'm there...I'm not quite sure what book to check out next.

I'm so nervous for this weekend!! Saturday is my audition for North Carolina Dance Theatre, and on Sunday is the ABT audition. I'm more nervous for the ABT audition...I mean, IT'S ABT! Who wouldn't be nervous? I'm kind of upset that I'm going to be missing Superbowl. Actually, I'm very upset that I'm missing Superbowl this Sunday. I'm going to miss a good game, great commercials, yummy food, and (possibly) a good half-time show. Only ABT would schedule an audition on Superbowl Sunday. Ridiculous bunheads...

I've been practicing my british accent all night, and I think I've gotten it back!! I looked very strange...doing my evening work out while saying random things in a british accent. I was talking to myself, him, and an imaginary friend I had created at the moment named Mozy. I hope I sound okay tomorrow...Haha.


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kath said...

imaginary friends are rad. haha.