Tuesday, January 27, 2009

"Snow" Day=Perfect Day

Today we didn't have school due to inclement weather which is pretty rad because it was just raining. Haha. I'd love this "freezing rain" to continue into tomorrow so we wouldn't have school again tomorrow because today was just perfect.

Yesterday Tyrone Brooks took over our ballet class. I love it when Mr. Brooks teaches our classes. He's just so artistic, and I think he brings out the best in everyone. He's that kind of teacher that looks for artists instead of students. He's the executive director of the Virginia School of the Arts. Fantastic teacher. I'm so glad that he can come and teach us like this on such short notice.

These past few days have been leaving me smiling all day long. I just can't help it!! And I know I sound annoying, but I just want the world to know how happy I am and how happy everyone else can get!! It's a fantastic feeling, happiness and love and friendship. I'm so glad that I can experience it all!!

I'm hoping that we don't have school again tomorrow because maybe I can talk to You all day again. Haha, I hope I'm not annoying you...

reinvent love,

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