Saturday, February 07, 2009

2 hour nap+sushi+reading+3 hour phone conversation= :D

Today wasn't that bad, but I'm just a little upset because 1) I didn't get to grab Your boobs today and 2) I had to give my mom my phone.
But besides that, I enjoyed a nice 2 hour power nap and a fantastic dinner of sushi. (Haha, for a second there, I was about to spell "fantastic" as "phantastic"...???)

The highlight of my night was most definitely my Tarot Card reading by my old babysitter, Leticia. She practically raised me, and she's an amazingamazingamazing woman. She's also very skilled in the spiritual aspect. She gave me a Tarot Card reading, and she answered all my possible questions. I'm not quite sure if I want to repeat what she's said, but let me tell you this, my life is going to be a lot more meaningful and more happy from this point on. One thing she told me is to stop pressuring myself and to just believe in myself. And that my future depends on that single factor of holding my chin up and never giving up, and I am willing to do that. The most important card to me that she pulled was this one right here, "The Star". It defines my life in one single card. It's phenomenal. I got chills, and I'm just so happy and at peace knowing that everything is going to be okay. My future is very bright. I already knew that, but tonight made it very concrete and real for me.
Oh, and major lolz when she pulled out the "Love" Card, and then perfectly described You. I blushed majorly. Tarot cards are the shizz.

And then I had the most perfect 3 hour telephone conversation with Dylan. It's funny because we pretty much never talk on the phone, and the first time that we really do, it ends up being 3 (almost 4) hours long. And I absolutely love it. This is how our friendship is going to be from now and until forever. Tonight really showed both of us that we aren't ever going to leave each other no matter the situation. Oh, Dylan...the jokes we cracked tonight were just brilliant. We are forgiven for saying somethings though.


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