Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Bee Tee Dubs,

It is Billie Joe Armstrong's birthday.
Billie is truly one amazing man, and I he once meant the world to me.
Happy Birthday, man.

And the Private Performance was tonight at the Taubman Museum. A little out of the blue, but otherwise went great. Not smoothly, but definitely great. Ate about half a bag of Cool Ranch Doritos and showed off my magic card tricks. I'm so talented. The show was pretty frantic backstage, as most museum performances do, but like I said, it was a great show.

Maybe it's all these bobbypins that are making my head hurt not what I'm thinking about...

1 comment:

Amy Ross said...

I love Billie Joe! ^_^
but honest to god i didn't know it was his birthday!