Sunday, February 22, 2009

how immature.

I'm feeling huge after all the food I ate today. I think I'm going to do extra sit-ups tonight!!

I spent about an hour, or maybe even two, messing around with my webcam. I hardly go on the desktop at home, but I did today, so I just played around a bit. I made my Friend-iversary video for Jem even though our Friend-iversary isn't until March 07. Like I said, I was just playing around with the webcam. Teehee.
The Scholarship audition is a week from today, and my variation seems wonderful. I still need to work on my contemporary piece, so maybe that should be my number one priority this week...I'm really excited because I feel confident with what I have to present this year.

So, I just found out today that "Sophomore" is spelled with an "o"...yes, I've been going around thinking it was spelled "sophmore". Wow, I'm retarded...I'm a sophomore, and I didn't even know how to spell it! How depressing...


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Anonymous said...

Love the pics!