Monday, February 16, 2009

I be ill.

I'm bed ridden with pink eye, the dizzies, and heartbreak.

I feel so distraught right now...I have my eye drops, my ice bag, my iPod, and my phone to relieve me of my boredom and illness. But this heartbreak is something you won't understand. I feel so out of place saying that my heart is broken when I know hers is probably shattered. My dear, if you're reading this, I'm here for you and I'm sending all my love to you.
Yesterday was my last day in Richmond, and I woke up with a bit of pink eye thanks to my sister. She had it all last week, and I guess I got it. But I still got ready to go watch "Cinderella" by the Richmond Ballet. I just wore my sunglasses that I bought yesterday at Charlotte Russe. I was so excited that I bought them, I didn't think I would wear them so quickly and for so long. I wore them all day long but took them off when we were watching the ballet.
The show was absolutely brilliant. So beautiful. It was really cool to know many of those spectacular dancers onstage. It was kind of hard to watch with my eyes full of gunk and the feeling that I might pass out at any moment, but I still watched it. The scenery and costuming was almost as beautiful as the dancing.

So here's what I looked like all of yesterday:

REINVENT LOVE (you need it, kc),

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Michelle R said...

sounds like fun, minus the pink eye and heartbreak that EVERYONE seems to be experiencing.

poor kelts.