Saturday, February 07, 2009


-I was really tired today.
-My calf is a lot better.
-Rehearsal went very well. Learned a new dance called Poppies. I love it. And we went over Eddies again.
-Getting ready for the upcoming "private performance" at the Taubman Museum. That's going to be exciting.
-My heels hurt from the excessive stomping today.
-I hate going out in public after rehearsal. I look all sweaty and disgusting. At least people know that I'm working hard.
-I changed my mind on my 2nd dance for my scholarship audition. I'm now dancing to "Feelin' Good". But I'm not sure if I should use the Micheal Bublé version or the Pussycat Dolls version...what do you think?
-I love walking around downtown.
-Thank you for being courteous and going to the bathroom to call me, Mrs. Jessee.
-Alejandro's is a great restaurant. Yum.
-So, apparently I'm a mind reader? I think it's because I'm doing the Mazilier variation from Le Corsaire for my scholarship audition...and for the April show too?
-I confuse myself way too much.
-Sarah, I freaking love you to death, and I hate to hear you talk like that. Never ever ever say that you're not good enough. You work hard, and you're going to get into Richmond!!
-I made my "Reinvent Love" cards to put into the C.Palahniuk books I borrowed. Just doing my job.
-I feel stupid...then I don't...then I do again. I think I just need to STOP.


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