Saturday, February 21, 2009

The pursued, rather than pursue.

I've been really into horoscopes lately. They're so accurate and interesting, and yes, I believe horoscopes are real. I am a Libra. The balance in life. I seek balance, but I'm very laid back and a complete romantic. My "lovecast" for the next couple of days says that my love life will heat up (as the weather gets really cold). And I really hope this is true...I mean, was it just a coincidence that he asked me to hang out tomorrow (even though now he can't)? I think not...What do you all think of horoscopes?

Today's rehearsal was spectacular. I think I finally know Poppies instead of pretending like I do. I also learned the opening of Spring, Sprang, Sprung. I really like it, and I just wish my pointe shoes weren't so dead because my feeties are hurting...
Despite my extremely dead pointe shoes, I got to do my Le Corsaire variation today on pointe for the first time. But of course, I cheated a bit and put some Jet Glue a few minutes before...I absolutely love my variation!! And I'm so glad that I have an amazing director, Pedro Szalay, to help me out with every little detail.
I really need to order new pointe shoes. They don't have my size in stock at the local dance store. Thank goodness for Discount Dance!

I really wanted to watch Moulin Rouge! last night, but my father didn't feel like going to Blockbuster. Welp, I love that movie so much, and it's seriously been years since I've seen it. I really need my license, so I could drive myself out to Blockbuster and get it myself!!

I got my letter from Richmond Ballet today, and I got a scholarship!! I'm so happy. I got myself into Level C and they've offered a 25% scholarship. Now that I know I could probably stay with Maria's aunt instead of paying so much for the hotel, maybe Richmond is my best option! I'm done with auditions and done with waiting for acceptance letters/emails. Now I just need to choose one!

Eenie, Meenie, Miney, Mo,


Charlotte said...

I really love to read your Blogs, Bria. =D
They are always so interesting. Haha.
I always get lost in Blockbuster and because I'm so indecisive I always end up being in there for ages.
I guess I'm slightly the same with you about Horoscopes, sometimes they are really kind of freakily accurate yet some other times they have nothing really to do with my situation. I'm a Cancer and I do believe that they word the Cancerians quite well.
Sometimes though, they do get it wrong but maybe not for some others.
I love your hair like that by the way too. =D
Char. x

bria ballerina said...

Thanks, Char. I try to make them interesting. (;

Yeah, as much as I believe in horoscopes, some of them really don't make sense. Like today it says that I want to spend more time with my family, when in reality, I'm quite annoyed with them at the moment, so I don't know...haha.

I wear my hair like that for ballet everyday, but I thought it look especially pretty yesterday. (: