Monday, February 09, 2009

stop doing useless incantations. besides, flying gets (you) farther, higher, greater...

I love how the greatest things I write are when I don't try at all.
The title is my most recent "accident".

It was glad having Pedro back for Mondays. Mondays are my favorite day at ballet (Wednesdays are my favorite day of the week in general). I really need to stop talking in class as much. I can tell that it's annoying the teacher and (some) people around me, and I'm only hurting myself and my focus. It's so inconvenient that my best friends are at dance and not at my school...which brings me to what happened before class today with Courtney and I. For those who were there watching us: Yes, that happens quite often. More often than you think.
Partnering class was fun as usual. Got a very strange look from Pedro today when I did an inside joke with John. Jazz was good. Putting the Tornado dance together. Which reminds me! The costumes are pretty gnarly. I'm loving the stirup leggings and the huge headband. I think the next time I try it on, I'll take a picture for you all to see.

The pictures we ordered today from Swan Lake came in. I'm too lazy to work the scanner, so I used my crappy phone camera to take the pictures. I'll probably scan the pictures tomorrow or Wednesday.

The top one is probably my fave from Elementals. The bottom one is just a fantastic shot of us being perfectly together in Four Little Swans.

My babysitter I was telling you about a few nights ago told my mom that we should try something tonight...She told us to go outside under the full moon at midnight to meditate. I really want to do this. It sounds like a great thing to do, but my mom says she's too tired. She's missing out on a wonderful opportunity...I'll probably just meditate in my room. Do you guys meditate?

Just a few last things to say:
-It's good to see you, Cherry.
-I love fresh coconut, but I hate coconut flakes.
-My mom has bad memory.
-I miss Mr. Smiley.
-Saying that is a lot better than You saying "no".
-I can't wait any longer.
-I really want to take bellydancing classes.
-Slumdog Millionaire must really be a kick-ass movie because the music is just rad.
-Angry is a great emotion to dance to.

Quickly ebony is winking on gambles,


Anonymous said...

I just loved your blog! Visit mine one day, too...

marcella . said...

hm we meditate in theology class.. lol