Saturday, February 14, 2009


Happy Valentine's Day, folks!! I hope you all had a wonderful day with your significant other for those who have one, or if you don't, I hope you spread the love with your friends!! This picture of my hand here is just to show you guys how A.D.D. I am. Those are Junior Mints!!

I had a wonderful day yesterday for my fake Valentine's Day. I gots a lot of candies and cupcakes which made me very happy. To make it even better, it was Hug a Short Person Day!! So I got a buncha extra hugs because I'm short. I handed out my special valentines and my yummy chocolates, but I think the best gift I gave out was Jordan's card. Haha. I loved making it, and I loved handing it to him.

But I think the best part of yesterday was going to the movies with Jordan. We went to the Grandin Theatre (which I absolutely love now!!) and watched "Slumdog Millionaire". That movie is seriously amazing!! It really deserves all the hype. Go watch it! Then we walked over to Pops and had a couple of milkshakes. That place is spectacular too!! Wow, yesterday was just an amazing day!!

Then today, the real Valentine's Day, was really fun too. We left at around 10am to go to the Richmond audition. On the way, we stopped at McDonalds and did the "Single Ladies" dance in the parking lot. Then, about an hour later, we stopped at Sheetz and did a dance to "Low" in the parking lot. We took videos, but I'm not sure where to upload them. Then before the audition we met up with our really good friend, Aaron, and he gave us some tips on the teacher for the audition. We get to see him tomorrow at Richmond Ballet's production of "Cinderella". I'm so excited!
The audition went veryveryvery well, and I'm really pleased with how I did. I really hope I get into a higher level. I'm just really happy with my performance today, and I think that Courtney and Maria did very well too.

We then went to Qdoba Mexican Grill which is amazing!! Like OH MY GOSH, wayyyy better than Taco Bell by a bizillion! Go there! Then we went to the mall. We almost got kicked out of Pac Sun!! So we let ourselves (3 of us) into a dressing room (by crawling under the door because you need a key) to try on some cute dresses, and a saleslady came by and yelled at as. She was like, "Only one person per dressing room!! You guys really need to get out of there..."
So, we were struggling to get dressed again, and she just kept yelling at us. She even threatened to call security on us!! It was ridiculous!! We were really freaking out, but she needed to realize she was yelling at us when we were halfway dressed!! It was really funny at the same time though. I ended up buying a pair of sunglasses from Charlotte Russe, and I adore them. I'll take a picture to show you guys!! This picture of me and Courtney is in Charlotte Russe sporting some of those fashionable shutter shades in the shape of hearts for VDay!

And just a few things to say:
-My best friend, Courtney, and I will never ever EVER in a million years get in a fight
-What a small world!!
-What is it with swimmers?!?
-Why am I so obnoxious?
-I think I might sue Pac Sun (not really).
-I think I'm giving up on You for real.
-I'm glad that I finally told him off. sister has a phone now!


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