Wednesday, March 11, 2009

bad luck bringer.

Today I took a road trip up to Richmond with Dylan, KP, and Wolley for the high school champion basketball game.
It was one of the best road trips I've ever been on.

I wish I still had an awesome camera to take awesome pictures with, but guess what...I don't! All the pictures and videos are on Dylan's camera, and I really need to get those from her. We really had a fantastic time together. We now have a bunch of inside jokes that I will never forget.
Just like I remember from a few weeks ago for auditions, Richmond's roads are very confusing. We freaked out a little when we kept going on the same road about 10 times.

We made it just in time to make it to the boys' game. We had missed the girls' game, but it turns out we lost by about 10 points. The boys' game was a really good one. It was close the entire time. We ended up going into double over time resulting in our team losing again. My mom didn't want to me to go to Richmond in the first place, so when I told her we had lost, she said that it's because I went. That I brought the bad luck and that I just should've gone to school.
However, I think where we really win is that we didn't have to go to school today. Practically our whole school was excused from school to make it to this game, but Salem's student section looked pitiful. We even had our band matter how depressing they sounded.

-"Let's hear it for the boy!"<3
-The plural of Gooch is Geech.
-Geech smell awful.
-I've never been afraid of getting hit by a truck until today. ("Dear Truck, please don't change lanes...")
-I hate purple assholes.
-Wolley is well with cats.

"Let's hear it for my baby",

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