Saturday, March 28, 2009

crafty, busy, sicky.

Today was a very long day. It felt so good dancing for so long and feeling so accomplished. This would be my cast of the Le Corsaire Pas de Trois. I'm so short compared to my two beautiful dancers along with me. This is the order, except the other 2 variations; I'm the 3rd variation.

We warmed up in the small studio at 10:30am, and it felt like we were in some small dance studio in the midst of New York City entertainment. It was very interesting, yet not so convenient. All of warm up class, MC was obsessing over my calves. Yes, I know I have wonderful calves. And no, you can't have them!

Newspaper people were supposed to come today to take company pictures, but they never came. So, I had my company leotard hanging to dry all day for nothing...oh well, at least I knew I was prepared when a few other girls forgot the announcement about the pictures.

We ran through the museum show cast first, then the Jefferson Center cast after. I feel very comfortable with all the dances I'm performing in; it's going to be a great show!! Cambria, the piano player, came in today to rehearse Celebracion with us. It was definitely different to have music with all the stomping, but the piece is coming together very nicely. Although my toesies did hurt for a good while. The Junior Company's pieces looked very good as well. I'm just so excited for this show. It's just getting closer and closer; it's almost unbelievable!! So stoked!

I started feeling a bit ill today. My throat has been killing me all day, and I've had a terrible headache. I've eaten and drank plenty of water; I think it's lack of sleep and excessive exercise. Whenever I don't get enough sleep, I always end up sick. On the brightside, I've been teaching myself how to crochet, and I'm quite successful. I'm making a cute beret as my first project in a pretty golden yellow. I'll post a picture when I'm done. I've been working on it all night long; it's almost finished. I've had this crafty feeling since yesterday...
So, I have my hot tea and my crocheting supplies; it sounds like a wonderful evening.

I'm leading a rehearsal tomorrow. I'm quite nervous for it, but it's my chance to prove I'm capable of leading and being a teacher someday.
Pas de deux lessons need to happen tomorrow too.

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Cristina Moreno said...

This was beautiful! Feel better and kick ass in that rehearsal.