Monday, March 30, 2009

falling into that trap

Maybe I'm just setting myself up to be in the same hurtful situation every time; I don't know. What I do know is that You sure have a way with words...

Went to the doctor earlyearlyearly this morning, and thank goodness I don't have strep or mono or any other icky bacterial shit. I just have a little nasty virus that's going around, but I still need to take care of myself. I've been drinking the ever so magical Emergen-C (a must have in my dance bag) just for that extra boost my immune system needs. Unfortunately, I had to return to school this morning. I dragged myself around school looking all miserable, and I took the night off from dancing tonight. Don't need to be sick and overworked at the same time. I got some good studying in; the only thing I can do while I'm ill (besides crocheting of course).

And yes, I crocheted this cutecutecute muffin cap all by myself! I'm quite proud of it, and I got a lot of compliments about it today. I've started on some nice legwarmers that I could wear during rehearsals! But I'm also going to work on a cute little cap for my baby cousin, Gabe. I need to buy the soft, plushy baby clothing material.

DWTS tonight was awesome. And I think that Steve-o did a lot better than a 15!! Humph, I'd like to dance with a cutie like that. But when he put on that clown outfit, I just about pissed my pants. I'm terrified of clowns, and I just got so scared to think that Steve-o was a clown. But I felt better when I saw him catch that dancefloor on fire! Ha!

Hopefully going to be back at the studio tomorrow.
Usual trip to M.M. Coffee too!

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Charlotte said...

Hope you feel better soon, being icky absolutely sucks.
Especially when its got somehting to do with your throat and stuff.
Your crocheting is awesome, first attempt right? You seem to have it nailed already, legwarmers sound awesome too. You'll be wearing nothing but crochet soon =P