Saturday, March 14, 2009

flirty skirty.

Today's rehearsal was just magnificent. I don't know what it was with today, but it was just wonderful!! We were very effecient and got a lot of work done.

Today was also costume fitting day, so we tried on our tutus and skirts for the last dance, Celebracion. And I love my tutu so much! I feel beautiful in it and absolutely invincible when I pair it with my pointe shoes.
These huge skirts are so stunning! Our costume ladies work their butts off to make us look gorgeous, and we couldn't thank them anymore than we do. It's such professional costume work, I love it! It's just so much fabric! And I'm so happy that I got to wear my favorite color, yellow! Ha, that last picture of me is me trying to be a "naughty nun". I just have too much fun with costumes, hehe.

We finished the Le Corsaire Pas de Trois today. Now we just have to practice it full out without any stops to build up the stamina. I think Pedro picked out the perfect casting for the trois. We just work so well together and look great together. My variation was near perfect today. Pedro seemed very impressed, and I am quite proud of how well I did today.

This is going to be a great show!!

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Start Something said...

Today i saw some real ballet shoes in The Warehouse, and i thought of you. My mum looked at them like WTF.

Your costume really does look professional! =O I'm jealous of you getting to wear a tutu, hah. (My friend says it like "dodo", it's weird)

Even thought i don't know what any of those fancy words mean, i'm sure you're bloody good at them (man i hope they're moves). Those videos you showed me on YouTube were stunning.

Dude, that last photo of you is so homie.