Thursday, March 12, 2009

get in the spirit!

I wanna congratulate the magnificent Keltie Colleen on her Dance Spirit feature this month!! If you haven't checked it out, go check it out!! She looks gorgeous as usual, and the article is well written and talks about how amazing Keltie is! And here I am being a little nerd and taking pictures with the magazine...but I was just so excited! And I realized that Keltie and I kinda have the same picture from her article...Ha, Keltie, I know you know what picture I'm talking about!! Congrats again, chica! (And thanks Dylan for letting me borrow your camera!!)
Wizard of Oz rehearsal again tonight.
My arms are holding up better for me as the Scarecrow. It's all those push ups and swimming I've been doing lately. I don't want to get big chunky muscly arms, but definitely some definition would be nice. So far I've definitely gained some muscle.

Tell me what you think of Keltie's article, and drop her a line!
Let's hear it for the girl!

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Keltie C. said...

ahhhhhh thanks girl! your c jump is WAY better than mine! so badass!