Sunday, March 29, 2009

"the greatest thing you'll ever learn

is just to love and be loved in return."

My Moulin Rouge obsession is going too far. I need to return it to the library this week...

However, this obession with crocheting is pretty rad. I don't have to buy expensive muffin caps anymore; I can just make some cute ones of my own!! I wanna make a pretty scarf, but I definitely need to get a new yarn color. This gold color is starting to make me sick!

Speaking of being sick, I still feel awful today. I had to lead the dance rehearsal for the church dancers today. It went well, but since I was a bit under the weather it wasn't cool at all. That's ironic because it was a very beautiful day outside. The only nice day of the week, and I'm ill. I've been wanting to go for a jog, but I'm so dog-gone sick! ):

This video was from yesterday's rehearsal, and it's Junior company + Senior company with Ms. Cambria on the piano. Yes, this is Celebracion. Just a little sneak peak for ya!! It's not as cool because we don't have the big, beautiful skirts, but maybe I'll get a video next week with the skirts. And you even get to hear Pedro's wonderful instruction. Oh, he's wonderful.


Heading over to the doctor's office tomorrow. I need to feel better...

P.S. Did any of you watch the golf deal today with Tiger Woods? Did you see that last putt of his? Unbelievable! Absolutely incredible...this is what I get from growing up with a golfing daddy.


marcella . said...

yeah, my dad was watching tiger woods too...
he was like changing the channel and i was like hey! and he was like tiger woods is on!

Start Something said...

That's a pretty fierce ballet.