Wednesday, March 18, 2009

i love wednesdays.

The weather today was so lovely. It just put me in such a good mood! And I wore a dress to reflect on how I was feeling. My cute vintage-y floral print dress from H&M got a lot of compliments today.

I made this here jar last year in art class. I went through a phase when I was obsessed with hippos. I think he's absolutely adorable! And today I just seemed so in love with it, I decided to take a picture, teehee.

Aerobics videos are so fun! Ha, today I did a hip-hop one, and it was just great. I don't recall ever taking a hip-hop class before. And even though this tape was supposed to be a cardio work out, it still had some hip-hopping in it which made it super fun. Hopefully Yo will bring us a few hip-hop teachers next year!!

Today I sketched a few t-shirt ideas to help out Ms. Keltie Colleen. If you guys didn't hear already, she's been asked to help design some dancewear for a rad dancewear company called Sugar and Bruno. We are all excited for her, and we all know the designs will be to die for!!

Did I ever tell you guys how amazing I am at balancing? It's seriously my favorite thing to do, ever. I'm not much of a turner or a jumper; I'm a balancer. Probably not as entertaining has jumping or turning, but I love it so much! Here I am showing off my skills:

If the weather is still this nice tomorrow, I'm definitely wearing shorts.

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