Saturday, March 07, 2009

i'm a cotton-headed ninny-muggins.

Last night I spent the night at Dylan's house. It was her 18th birthday, and I just had to make it extra special. As her present, I recorded myself doing a cover of "Chasing Cars" by Snow Patrol. She loved it. We had a fun filled night with us and her alien kitty. I swear, that cat isn't really cat. It sounds like a spaceship!!

Please tell me any of you have heard of the wonderful actor Gale Harold!! He's so brilliant. He's well known for starring on the TV show, Queer As Folk. Dylan introduced me to the TV show, and I absolutely love it! Please check him out because he's just amazing. I want to watch more of it, but we didn't have time....

Rehearsal today was wonderful, besides the fact that I was practically dead due to how awesome last night was. I got through Poppies quickly, but while I had a little down time, I worked on some homework. Then I did my variation, and we even learned the opening for the Pas de Trois for Le Corsaire. I love it, and I love the cast that I'm with. This is going to be fabulous.
And we finally got our character shoes for the dance, Celebracion. The style is native Spanish dancing, kinda like Flamenco or Salsa. Very spicy. The character shoes were killing my feet though!

Then we ran around the mall just shopping before any of the stores closed. I found a nice one-piece to wear tomorrow. I'm so nervous for tomorrow, like you don't even know...I'm just preparing to embarass myself more than I ever have. Oh, and check out my claddagh ring!! I finally got one!! I've always wanted one, and I'm so excited I got it. And getting one with the green stone wasn't more expensive which made me happy.

-Dylan's house is wonderful; no matter what her mother says.
-I think the alien cat has a lesbian crush on me.
-Dylan's parents make delicious food.
-Dylan's father is a wonderful musician.
-Dylan and her house are just awesome. Period.
-The warm weather makes me very happy.
-No one ever wears one piece swimsuits anymore.
-I swear my fingers aren't that fat.
-Shakespeare is brilliant, and so are the Beatles.



Rachel said...

hey bria!
you prolly don't recognize me but i'm rachface59 from the patdforums. i just tried going on the site today for like the first time in like, months lol and it didn't work. wtf. anyways, i found out about your blog cuz keltie follows it and i really enjoy reading your blogs.
you seem like a real chill person, jsyk(:
lolol this whole comment sounds queer, please don't think i'm a creeper D:
lol jk.
but nah, really.

bria ballerina said...

Hi, Rachel!!
Of course I don't think you're a creeper!! I think it's wonderful that you read my blogs and now follow them.
And it really means a lot to me that Keltie follows mine. I don't think she knows how much it means to me. (((:

Thanks again for your support!

bria ballerina said...
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Cristina Moreno said...

Gale's a fantastic actor. He a lot of great work with that character...uneven at times, but when he got it right, he really got it right.

Glad you're enjoying the show! I was around your age when I started watching it.

If you're looking for more of Gale Harold's work, I suggest checking out this film.

Rachel said...

lol that's good that i didn't come off sounding all creepy then lol. idk, i think i usually sound awkward when i leave comments and stuff on the interwebz. kinda why i stopped going on the forums. that, and i got pretty addicted to checking the boards every two seconds and it got pretty unhealthy haha. but then i forgot about it for a couple of months. too bad they aren't working now, i was thinking of promoting my blogger on there lol. i guess the best way of doing that now is following other members of the forums and hoping they follow me as well...(;

oh and your welcome!
i'll be sure to continue to be here for your blogs!(:

marcella . said...

well; i just wanted to say that i love the beatles & i saw that video like last year lol but i loved it (: "oh thisbe... paul! i mean, my love, my love.." ahaha