Wednesday, March 11, 2009


Please put Brenda King in your prayers.
She was the girls' basketball team coach, and she passed away yesterday due to cancer. Our school has had great fundraisers for her, and we would really like to ask you all to pray for her and her family right now.
"King, 45, was diagnosed with stage 4 cervical cancer in October....King's husband, Danny, died of lymphoma in September 2005.
Her daughter, Kelly, is an eighth-grader. Her son, Jared, is a former star athlete at Pulaski County who is a freshman baseball player at Virginia."


Charlotte said...

That poor, poor woman. =(
She is in my thoughts and prayers and I hope she finds her husband and they are reunited.
Cancer is indeed a terrible thing, at least she is not in pain anymore, right?
Char. x

Anonymous said...

It hurts baby, I just lost my mom this way... praying for her, ok?