Thursday, April 30, 2009

that feeling

I have wonderful news...Today I received the State Scholarship for the audition I did back in March. I was awarded $500, and I was in complete shock! Having faith in myself still made me think that my bff was going to win it instead. It didn't really hit me that I had won until a couple of hours after winning, and I was really proud of myself. This is just one step to realizing that I have potential and that one day I will be great. My scores were 97 and 92 from the two different judges. The funny thing is is that my parents knew that I had won back about 2 weeks ago because the lady that is in charge of the State Scholarship had called our house informing my parents. But I'm glad that they didn't tell me because it sure was a mighty surprise! Thank you all that have continually supported me, and I'd like to thank Keltie Colleen for being that inspiration for me and that dance I presented at the audition. Truly, without you and my fellow dancers, I wouldn't have the push and motivation that I have today.

Wizard of Oz is in a week from today, and I still think that it's strange that our performance is on a Thursday! How peculiar...but we're running really short on time to put everything together. The final run-throughs are this weekend, and we're going to see what it's going to be like with all the little kiddies in it with us. I feel like we're going to need more than just a couple of days though...

I altered my prom dress today. Yes, I did it all by myself. I just took it in at the side seams, and it feels so much better you have no idea! It's nice and tight just so it won't fall down! Yay, and I'm getting my nails done tomorrow as well as going to see my dear friends in my school's presentation of the musical Jekyll and Hyde. I'm so excited, and my friends are wonderful actors and musicians, and I just know that this show is going to be phenomenal!

Today, I had this feeling. You know that feeling that you get during a certain period of time that you feel every once and a while, and you just can't help but think of that time period you had that feeling at? It's kind of like a deja vu feeling, but not quite. Those certain smells, those certain sounds, the usual routines are just a few things describing this "feeling" I was thinking about and feeling. I seem to associate these "feelings" with the seasons. I just remember this feeling I had last summer. I just remember waking up and having that feeling all summer. It's so strange, but it's a way I keep certain time periods apart from another. I want that summer feeling back, but I've also realized that you can't have that same "feeling" twice in your lifetime. Each part of your life has a different feeling, but that summer feeling from last year seems quite nice to have again...we'll see; you never know. Was I rambling on in with that subject? I just feel like I didn't make much sense....

Wednesday, April 29, 2009


I'm so excited because my prom dress finally came in today!! Look at this gorgeous thing, ha! But this is the only time I hate how "skinny" I am because this dress is so big on me!! I have no idea what I'm going to do because prom is this weekend, and I don't think that I could get it altered in time!! I tried taking it in myself, and I have no idea how to do it. It just looks so f'ed up! I really have to figure something out before this weekend because I can't go to prom with a dress that could fall off any second!!
We're finally getting our plans all together, and I finally saw Nathan's car yesterday. Ha, and I love it!

This week is definitely not a good week to have homework because I'm definitely not doing any of it...

Tuesday, April 28, 2009

getting ready.

So, I was thinking about doing some choreography to this song. I really like it, and it has that feel that I've been looking for in a song. A few of the girls at my studio have asked me what this choreography I'm working on is for, and I just tell them that it's for me. I'm making myself a stronger dancer and a better choreographer, and most of all, I just love the way I feel when I'm just dancing the way I want to dance. Isn't that what dancing is about?

The school's recital is in a little over a week, and we're finally putting it all together this weekend. However, I won't be able to make it on Saturday since I'll be getting ready for prom, but Sunday is definite for me. We have photos on Saturday morning that I can make it to, so I'll be taking a few shots as the Scarecrow. I'm confident in my steps and cues, so I know that I'll be fine without one rehearsal. It looks like to me that everything is coming together quite nicely.

I'm sad to say that our studio and our company is losing a very beautiful and strong dancer. Her name is Ariel, and she got herself in a predicament that I had to help her with. No girl should be left alone in this kind of situation, so Dylan and I helped her out last week. I didn't want to say anything on here until I knew everything was final. She ended up telling her parents about her whole situation, and they decided that she's not allowed to dance with us anymore. It makes me and all the dancers very sad to have her leave so suddenly, but we know that we'll try our best to keep in touch. And the sad part is is that either way the problem got resolved, her life would've never been the same.

This week is so busy for me, and all I can really do is get through it with little stress as possible. I've been relaxing in the gorgeous sun for the past few days, and I've gotten that healthy glow that will look great in the bright yellow dress I'm wearing for prom. I've set up a nail appointment on Saturday, and I'm planning to do my own hair. And I'll be back at the theatre so quickly! The next couple of weeks are just going to be so interesting...


ps. I've been snacking on frozen fruit like crazy the past few days. It's so much better than canned!!

Monday, April 27, 2009


Finally! A little more time to write! I was extremely busy and tired yesterday; I had no idea how I made it through the day. I was planning on sleeping all day long, but my parents had other plans. So, I didn't have very much energy to get my little fingers typing away...but here I am about to start some homework and thought I'd update you guys since it's been Saturday. Again, I'm very sorry...

This weekend was probably one of the best shows I've ever done in my life. I've never been more excited and/or nervous for a show until this one. It's just so jam packed, and, as someone described it, "it's a marathon of dancing". It really was. It was dance after dance after dance, and it was just so amazing! You were never bored. Some of my friends came on Saturday, and it was so good to hear that they enjoyed the show. I think everyone was satisfied with their performance on Saturday, but personally, I think I did better on Friday. This is a picture of me and my friend, John, right by the stage left doors. We were waiting to get onstage, and we were being so silly...Also, I was so happy that I didn't feel my blisters at all. I think it was a pure miracle! I used hydrogen peroxide on them to dry them out, and they did burn like crazy; hey, it worked. Although, I heard that it could really mess up your any of you know anything about this?
I told you all about my dear friend, Dylan. She gave me these little notes on the cutest little stationary I've ever seen, and they were the sweetest letters anyone has ever given me. And I couldn't finish reading them right there, I just started crying. If I didn't tell you, she's a senior this year, and she'll be heading off to Pointpark University in Pittsburg for college. I will miss her terribly...but I couldn't let my makeup run right before I go onstage, so I had to stop reading those notes. But after I finished all my main dances, I finished reading them, and I realized that Dylan isn't just an ordinary friend. She's one that really truly understands who I am and what my purpose in this world is. I know that we'll never grow apart because our hearts have grown together and hold so many memories with each other that that just can't be replaced. And as that curtain was going down, I was crying more than anyone else on that stage. Despite what others may say, I really feel like I was the one that was going to miss her and all those seniors the most. But just like Pedro says: this is not the end; it's the beginning of a new journey. And they'll always be coming back because our doors are always open.

Then that "crazy" afterparty was awesome. We spent a few hours just eating all the delicious food catered by my good friend, Aaron, and his family. Their food was truly delish! (Btw, Aaron is John's older bro!) We were all huddled around that dinner table because we were all so starved! It's really funny how much dancers eat because we're some of the fittest people in the world, but we just love our desserts!

This week is going to be insanely busy for me! Prom is this weekend, and I'm so excited!! I still have a lot of prep-ing to do for it though...gah! Not a good time because I have another performance next week too! Ooh, but good thing the weather outside is beautiful to keep me somewhat sane. I went outside for a bit to get that healthy glow for prom. Just fyi this is my dress:

I'm gonna be hott!

Friday, April 24, 2009

the performance tonight was spectacular. everyone performed beautifully. it's so great to see the transformation from rehearsing to performing. during dress rehearsal today, a few of us, including me, got upset over the dress rehearsal. i tried my hardest to keep positive for the performance.

But i put on my shirt that makes me think of Keltie and got ready for the show. I had some fun with my stage makeup and snacked on pez. and I was ready. i was so nervous that it was going to be worse than dress rehearsal, but thinking negatively never helped anyone. so I kept my feet warm and kept saying to myself "I'm fearless". And next thing I know, I'm workin that stage. it was awesome...

blogging from my phone is so weird, so I think I'll just finish this tomorrow...I'm so tired!

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Wednesday, April 22, 2009

i need healing time.

Hello, theatre.

It was the first rehearsal at the studio. Just tech and spacing, but I'm not happy with how I did tonight...warm up was wonderful. I was doing great at warm up. I was just so excited to be in the theatre and on that stage looking at the balcony, but when I had to put on my pointe shoes, it all went downhill. These stupid blisters are ruining everything. And I just keep beating myself up for being so stupid to get myself these blisters because they were easily preventable. I just don't know what to do anymore. I'm really going to need magic on my side.

I'm so sleepy but still swamped with homework...
Happy Earth Day, folks!

dear theatre,

Welcome to theatre week!! We're heading over the theatre tonight, and I'm so excited. I don't think I've ever been this excited! This show is just huge. Can't believe I'll be performing by the end of the week! You should sooooo come.

Last night was the final studio rehearsal. It wasn't as bad as the weekend actually. I think I did better yesterday than I did the weekend, which is really strange for me. My blisters are healing, and that's what's making them hurt. It's not the actual blister that hurts; it's the skin around it because it's so inflamed and swollen. Ouch! I soaked my feeties again last night, and you guys should know by now that I fall asleep because the warm water just feels so good, ha! But I got up onto the loveseat and fell asleep again. For the past two nights, I've fallen asleep on the couch! Not even the big couch; it's the dinky loveseat! I'm going to make sure I fall asleep in my own bed tonight because I know I'll be crashing early. Ha, I have insomnia, but I love it.

I got my eye exam yesterday, and as I suspected, my eyes got worse. I've gotten a new perscription, and I'll hopefully get new glasses this week! The thought of new glasses and a show in one week just excites me! Ha, I'm such a geek, but I love it.

This morning I put a little bit of alcohol on my little blisters. I was told that it would burn like a *beep*, but it works wonders. I honestly didn't feel that much pain. It was just a little sting, and it was fine. I don't know what's wrong with me, but it really didn't burn that much! Ha, I'm a freak of nature, but I love it.

Ha, I'll be dancing all night, but I love it.

Sunday, April 19, 2009

you're back.

I'm still not sure if I should be happy or upset that you're back in town.
And should I have said something like, "I missed talking to you?" because it sure seemed like you missed talking to me.
But I won't lie, I did miss you. And I hate myself for admitting it.

However, I've been pacing around my room with my arms flying everywhere.
I think it's worth potential choreography material.

Photo by: you

final rehearsals!!

Today was the 2nd to last rehearsal in the studio before he hit it up at the theatre. We're all getting anxious and so excited. Most of us can't believe it's this weekend. Time has gone by so quickly, and the season is almost over...

The rehearsal yesterday went great, except I had a little problem...this is a photo displaying how stupid I am. I forgot my toe pads for my pointe shoes yesterday, so being the oh-so-determined dancer that I am, I taped up my toes trying to make up for the missing toe pads. I didn't put enough toe tape because I managed to get blisters on both my fourth toes and have them pop immediately. They hardly had a chance to blister, so the skin just ripped off and started bleeding. Oh it hurt when I was dancing, but when I found them after taking off my pointe shoes, I kinda laughed. I'm just so stupid! Oh well, it comes with the job. These are my battle scars, and they make me feel hardcore, ha!
Cambria, the pianoplayer, felt better this weekend, so she came in. We finalized Celebracion and even tried it with the finished skirts! You should really see the dance; we look like a dancing rainbow! It's truly beautiful.

Today's rehearsal was a lot better than yesterday, considering I've had time to soak my feet and remembered my toe pads. I taped up my toes like crazy today with immense amounts of squishy tape and 2nd skin. I'm going to need to bring a ton of those with me to Richmond this summer...They really didn't hurt that bad, and I thank my wonderful taping skills. However, I'm in desperate need of epsom salt to heal these raw blisters faster. We set the cast for the Festival in the Park performance today. That performance is one of my favorites because it's on an outdoor stage in the middle of a huge park downtown. We get so many people to come to this show, and it's definitely a fun experience for us as dancers.

We head on over to the theatre on Wednesday! I'm so excited. You guys know how I feel about the theatre. It's where I belong, and I cannot wait to perform in a different theatre on a different stage almost every night as my life. I wish we had all week in the theatre like we do for Nutcracker, but the theatre is booked all the other nights. So, we have pretty much an all day rehearsal on Friday that leads into the show that night! It's just going to be phenomenal! I'm so excited, but I don't want it to end...

Theatre, here I come!

Thursday, April 16, 2009

the end.

Ahhh!! Spring Break is ending so quickly! I hate it! I thought this spring break was kind of boring, but I definitely love it more than being at school! I didn't even get much of a break because I have this huge English project....blech.

Great news though: I got my learner's permit today! Passed with a perfect score! And my picture didn't turn out too terrible. I even remembered not to wear a blue shirt to not blend in with the background. I was so nervous that I was going to miss a question, but I didn't miss a single one! My dad even let me do a little driving today in an empty parking lot, and it was so freaking scary! Driving is a lot harder than I thought. I was okay with the speed; it was the steering that screwed me up! But maybe that had to do with the fact that the car I was driving was older than me. There's something I like about my dad's red pickup truck. I think it's the fact that I grew up with it, and I just have a lot of memories in that car. Whatever it is, I want to get it fixed up a bit and have it as my car. Definitely needs a new stereo. Gotta have my music!! I'm hoping to do a little more driving tomorrow and hopefully not freak out as much. I think I was just nervous about my first time in the driver's seat, but it can only get better! ...I hope.

Worked on my new choreography today, and I was feeling a little something different today than the first day I started working on it. I had a different idea of how I wanted the dance to be. Ah, the process of choreography. Maybe that's why I just improv; I just dance what I'm feeling at the moment. I even tried some of the moves with pointe shoes. It was a bit different considering it wasn't choreographed on pointe and that I was dancing on carpet. But really, expect a video in at least a couple of weeks. I need to get the show knocked out of the way first!

Played a wee bit of tennis today with my daddy. I'm usually terrible at tennis, but for some reason today I was a lot better than I usually am. And I finished the day with a fresh fruit smoothie. Oh, I also mailed my Richmond Ballet Summer Intensive documents today! So exciting! And I have to notify the scholarship people where to send my scholarship money! I'm such a busy girl just getting busier (oh, that sounds a bit dirty...).

Wednesday, April 15, 2009

like a record, baby

Remember that scholarship audition I did about a month ago? Yes, they finally mailed out the scholarship monies, and I got mine today! I received $200 towards the summer intensive I'm attending which in my case is Richmond! I'm so stoked for this summer, and now that I know I have $200 off my tuition it's getting better and better!

I posted this picture because this is my best friend, and oh how I miss the studio! Being on spring break and not dancing for a while is really killing me. Especially since we have our bigbigbig show next week! I'm keeping in shape with the awesome Wii Fit of course, and I even went to the gym today and stepped it up a notch by doing 10 miles on level 5. I'm really pushing it, ha! I'm really looking forward to rehearsal on Saturday because it's one of the last studio rehearsals. We have only two dress rehearsals next week before the show! Not good enough for me! I want and needneedneed more time in the theatre. You guys know how much I love the theatre. And I've been having this craving for the theatre for about 3 months now. Just can't wait...

Good thing about spring break is that I have more time on my hands. I've been getting a lot of work done (yeah, even if it is spring break, I gots a huge english project on my hands). Also, I've gotten a lot of ideas for choreography. I started a new piece this week, but it's only about 2 minutes long. Nothing too special, just experimenting with shapes and different movement. This means new videos on the YouTube channel! I'm still a wee bit sad about taking down the other dances on my channel, but it had to be done. Don't you guys miss them?

Today I had a nice cup of tea as I sat thinking for a while (like I said: a lot more time on my hands). And I suddenly had this feeling of guilt in my stomach. I started thinking of my past and how I felt and how amazing it was to feel that way. And I just can't believe I let a single person get in the way of that. I'll never let it happen again. I found the same little things that made me find the friends I need, and I think I'm going to need you even more lately. However, I feel like it's my fault it's just not the same anymore, and I guess that's why I felt so guilty...good thing I had a cup of tea.

Hot tea makes everything better,

Tuesday, April 14, 2009

more awful modeling.

waking up too early + wii fit all day + afternoon nap + prom shopping fail + soup and salad at olive garden.
ps. here's a better picture of the cute 80's shirt.

Monday, April 13, 2009


The feeling that you're great and actually knowing that you're great are two complete different things.

Photo by: Jesper Ulvelius


Day one of spring break:
quite relaxing. looking through goodwill. quick run to fresh market. sushi for lunch. wii fit to keep in shape. laundry. sipping tea in my dirty room.

these are the two shirts I got from goodwill. cute paisley. cheesy 80's geometric shapes. oh, and please forgive me for the awful editing job. I didn't want you to see my messy room, and I just thought the effect on the first picture made the paisley-ness stand out more.

I'm hopping on a train to Maryland tomorrow. a change in plans for this spring break. definitely going shopping for cute things for prom. shoes, jewelry, makeup, the whole bit, except the dress. I'm still begging for this hot vintage dress from an online vintage store. shopping is always better in the north.

it sure feels strange knowing that I won't be dancing for a week. I'm definitely working out just too keep in shape, so I don't get a slap in the face when I go back to classes on saturday. rehearsals are saturday and sunday, and the show is in just a little more than a week. this is so exciting, nervewracking, and sad all at the same time. I don't want this company season to end. but this show is just so grand and extravagant; it's going to be great! we recently bought a wii fit, and I don't know if you know this but it actually keeps you in shape. I've caught myself struggling to do some of the exercises on it. and it's awesome that you get to set a goal and see yourself working towards it playing fun and healthy games. definitely beats boring treadmills.

I still haven't gotten my learner's permit! tomorrow early morning feels like a good time to get it. we'll just see what time my train is leaving....

Sunday, April 12, 2009


Easter = fat day. I ate so much food today! Sunday brunches are the best though! Good thing I'm going to the gym tomorrow...Today is also one of of my good friend's birthday. I'm really sad that I can't hang out with them, but I know they're having a great time!

So, yesterday was the Taubman museum performance. It's always fun to perform there. It's definitely a challenge to improvise a dressing room there, but we always make do. The performance went well. My performance on the other hand didn't go very well. I messed up Poppies a few times. You may argue that you didn't notice me messing up, but I just feel like I could've done better. Everyone seemed to have a great performance, and it's just one step closer to the big show coming up! I can't believe it's in two weeks! We've been working so hard that the time has just gone by so fast. It's going to be a phenomonal show, and I think everyone is just going to be blown away.

Yesterday I also had a fun photoshoot with my aunt. She was experimenting with her awesome professional camera. I'm not much of a model, but I like to pretend I am. I like putting fashion outfits together too. This was actually a vintage skirt I had bought from Goodwill a few months ago. I just made it into a dress with a belt. Then the shoes are some of my mom's old ones that I found. It was a lot of fun, and we got a lot of really good shots. I just wish that I was little more natural in front of the camera, but I think that if I practice more I might be able to get a hang of it. These pictures were some of the best shots we got. There were definitely more, but I don't want to flood your computer screen with awful modeling.

I think Spring Break has officially started, and it feels wonderful. Prom stuff is starting to happen. I really need to start figuring that stuff out. Too bad I'm too much of a procrastinator.

Friday, April 10, 2009

spring break-ness.

The first official day of spring break! Yesterday when I got out of school, it felt immediately like spring break. The wonderful weather just made it easier to feel on break. When I got home, I greeted my old babysitter I've been telling you all about, Leticia. She's visiting us for spring break! It's so great to see her; I've missed her terribly. Next thing I know, she's telling me to hop onto the massage table! Of course, I've been promised a massage, so I strip and hop right on! That woman sure can massage! She's got a strong hand and is very educated in the body structure. I've been begging my parents for a massage at a spa forever, but now I got one and it was for free!
So, she offered to give massages for the girls in our company. She's only charging $5o for a full-hour and full-body massage. Best deal you can probably find. She did this special massage for us dancers, and she called it the sports massage. It contained deep stretches as well as deep tissue massaging. Pedro and Dylan ended up coming to get massages, and they both enjoyed it very much. That was the same massage I got on Thursday; it was heavenly!

Later in the afternoon, we took a hike down the mountain in my backyard. Talk about an adventure! We were scaling down that hill so fast I thought I was gonna end up tumbling down and not being able to do tomorrow's show! But we made it, and I made it, so it was alright. I'm so glad that I made it down there because it was so fun! I kinda wished the little creek was of a bigger scale, like a waterfall and such, but it was still great. Leticia and I meditated for a while. And she gave me a speedy reading of my hand, but she she plainly replied, "I'll talk to you later." She still hasn't told me, but I'm quite afraid of what she saw. I'm hoping it's not about you again.
I took this video while we were there, and I was just really mad at the littering that I saw in the creek. This is a lesson to everyone! While we were down there, we found a skeleton of some sort of animal! It was crazy! It was really cool though, but I can't figure out what kind of animal it is! Maybe you guys can try and see what kind it is?

Tomorrow is the Taubman Museum show, and it's going to be spectacular. We've got a long series of dances lined up for tomorrow, and it's probably the biggest museum show we've done. All the museum shows we've done were quite short, so this one is very special. Like I said before, it's a great sneak peak at Reencuentro, but it's a major spoiler! The thing I love most about museum shows is that you're so close to the audience. You're almost dancing on top of them! It's a great experience for the dancers and the audience that you just don't get in a regular theatre. Besides, I always love museum shows!


Wednesday, April 08, 2009


Today was just so gorgeous outside. It puts me in such a wonderful mood. I wore this cute little green dress today, and I accessorized with half of a heart but with a mask of confidence. However, I think I got to the point where I didn't need to pretend to be confident and over you; it just came naturally.
As much as I love that dress and how confident I felt in it, I still look so awkward in this photograph. The only good thing is that I look tall, ha! I think I just look...awkward!And I use to want to be a model....

My dear friend, Nathan, is so goofy! He was all cute and stuff when he asked me to prom today. Oh, boys...but I'm so stoked for prom! It's going to be so fun, and we're just going to have a blast! Now it's time to beg for that rad vintage dress that I found online...

I felt so happy and free today, and I most definitely didn't need you (almost capitalized it!) to be all stupid to piss me off just a little. I think it's really funny that you notice when I don't talk to you more than you actually pay attention when I am talking to you. Go have fun on that little beachy island with your stupid little speedo and huge muscles that you rub all the time. And go have fun with your sister that you're always saying is hot. Just leave already...
and the strage and annoying thing is is that I still talk about you all the time...

Today I went to the gym to work out. I've always been meaning to go to the gym, but since I can't drive myself I really couldn't do anything about that. So, finally my mother decided to try working out. And I realized that I could really pull of being a sporty chick! I had some Soffee shorts, a tshirt, Nike shocks, and my hair in a messy bun. I suprised myself. But things just got better when I went a full mile on the eliptical machine and then 8 miles on the bike machine! So intense, and I really feel good about it. I just felt like I had to get something off my chest, and doing some agressive workout seemed like the only way to deal with that. You should've seen me on that eliptical! I was hitting 6 mph! I think I'm gonna try to do a work out like that every week; as long as my mom is up to it.

spring fever,

Tuesday, April 07, 2009

“People need something or someone to fasten themselves to in order to reassure themselves that they are real."

For the longest time, I was searching for someone. I felt that someone would be more solid and concrete than a something.

And for the longest time, I thought that someone was You. The late night conversations and the playful dates obviously meant more to me than they did to You. I'm just wondering if it's the fact that I'm a girl, or that I can actually see something going on between us. I'd like to believe that You're just blind.

And for the longest time, I kept wishing that You would make me your someone because You were already mine. Those wishes were a complete waste. I AM NOT your "bro", I AM NOT your "dude"--not anymore. We were always up and down, and I hated it. I only stuck around because I still had faith in You that You would someday come around. I believed in: "Good things come to those who wait." for too long now. This was the last thing I needed to make me realize that You're not everything and You are definitely NOT my someone. You made me feel like I had to be your someone, so I changed myself for You. That was the biggest mistake of my life. I always told myself that would never happen, and it did.

Point is: I thought you were my someone, but frankly you fucked things up and screwed me over. Quite frankly, You don't know anything about emotions either. Go find some. And as much as I'd like to be upset about this whole situation, I'm really happy that You aren't going to be stupid and make me feel like I have to change myself for you. I will never refer to You as "You" ever again. Thank You.

Instead of having a someone, I have a something, Dancing. There's nothing else that makes me feel more human and invincible at the same time. I feel so strong and that I'm a part of something that will change people's lives. This is why I dance. Just saying that I love it is never enough. It makes me who I am, and it is a part of me. My blood dances through my veins; it just will never leave. All my someones are my best friends. They know who they are, and I just want to say that all of you make me feel like I'm worth something and more than I think. You all mean so much to me; I could never ask for any other someones ever.

I have found a prom date, now off to buy tickets, dress, nails, hair.......

P.S. When You see me at prom, You will practically beat Yourself up for not asking me. I'm going to be the hottest shit on that dancefloor; You just watch out! You'll wanna dance with me...

Monday, April 06, 2009


I finally figured out where I'm going this summer! I've decided on Richmond Ballet's summer program, and I'm so excited to room with my best friend, Sarah. Unfortunately (or fortunately), my other best friend, Courtney, isn't attending Richmond Ballet with us. She's going to Washington Ballet instead. Either way, we're all going to great programs, and we promised we would call each other very night before we go to bed.
I have a feeling that Sarah and I are going to create some trouble over in Richmond...look out, Richmond! Here we come!
This photo was from this past summer when we all went to our very own company's summer program. We're always goofing off, and I think this picture definitely defines our friendship.

This week is parent visitation week. My family came in today to observe class, as well as some other people's parents. I'm glad that my mother gets to see me work hard during my classes. She's still not too keen on me wanting to be a dancer as a career, but for some reason, I think that every time she sees me dance, she understands me a little more. She sees that passion and the drive that I have to succeed perfection....or at least I'd like to think she does.

I can't stop thinking about this summer. It makes me want to end school right now! But on the brightside, school is almost over...

Full-body deep tissue massage + Learner's permit=Friday

Sunday, April 05, 2009

my apologies

I most definitely meant to post a blog yesterday, but long day + few hours of sleep= very tired Bria. However, I might need to get used to that...

I had a long rehearsal yesterday from 11:30am to 7pm. Definitely a wonderful rehearsal, and it surprisingly went by a lot quicker than I expected. We were very busy and very efficient. We did all the dances with costumes to get a feel for them. Our wonderful lighting director Dirk came in to take a look at all the pieces and start getting an idea of how the show is going to about. The show is getting closer and closer; it's just so exciting!!
I got to do the Trois twice yesterday since my alternate was absent. And I'm so glad that I got to do it with my tutu because it really does create a different feeling of space and weight on your body. And it just makes you feel so beautiful and invincible. Tutus are seriously one of the best inventions ever, in my opinion. Even though I felt invincible, I didn't have the best turning day, but it just lets me know that it can only get better.

I would have pictures of me and my tutu, but as of now photos and videos are prohibited at studio rehearsals. There were a few complaints about videos being posted up on the internet, and I would definitely have to be guilty of that crime. And due to this new rule, I sadly took down all the original pieces off of my dance YouTube channel. Although I had given the choreographers credit, they feel that it's inappropriate for them to be up without any permission. Very sad to announce such news, but it needed to be said and I definitely feel guilty for not being courteous enough to ask for permission. Updating definitely won't be as fun as it used to be...but I'll definitely take a few shots at the theatre and of the show of course!!

This is the last week of school before spring break, and I just can't wait!

P.S. I made this shirt, and I couldn't be more proud to have made it and then wear it. All those stupid peace sign products out there today are just over rated. Make your own stuff. Make your own peace.

Friday, April 03, 2009

one week.

This week has been really rough for me. I hate being sick, and coming back to dance while I'm still sick is so icky. I'm sniffling all through class, and my breathing is all strange. But I'm really getting better. My throat doesn't hurt anymore; it's just all this nasty congestion. I'm sure it'll be gone by this weekend.

Yesterday was one of the final rehearsals for Wizard of Oz before the big put together with all the levels of the school. We only have a couple more rehearsals, then off to the big studio and practicing quick changes! My arms are holding up a lot better for scarecrow, and I'm really happy about that! More pushups!

A week from today I will be able to get my learner's permit!! Woot! Driving around is going to be rad, and I can't wait till I can drive myself places instead of asking Mommy and Daddy to drive my huge butt somewhere. Besides, I'll look so little and cute in that driver's seat.

A week from tomorrow is our museum show! Sneak peak-ness coming your way! I'm encouraging people that aren't able to come to the actual theatre to come to the museum show because it's almost as awesome as being at the theatre. At the museum, you're up close and practically right in front of the dancers; something you definitely don't get to experience at the theatre. But you can always come to both, which would be totally awesome.

Said "promdate" still hasn't been found. However, the guy that I was thinking about asking just told me that he might not be going because the girl he was going to ask can't go...should I go for it? We're hanging out this weekend; perfect timing?

I wrote a song a couple of days ago, on April Fool's Day actually. It's probably the best song I've ever written, and I'm not just exaggerating. This song is a love song, but it's not your average love song. It's cheesy and bittersweet, but it has a meaning behind it that only I (and only a few friends whom I've told) know about. It's been inspired by none other than my first love-at-first-sight, my real love, my never-gonna-happen love...
It's entitled "I Wrote This For You".

Dear You, no more pressing buttons to me.
Dear You, I really like your voice; it’s lovely.

When I look into your eyes it goes la la la la la.
Maybe we should stop this talking bla bla bla bla bla.

Joking friends
Odd lovers’ ends
Reaction to the texture
Depending on the lecture
And in your favorite water
Never diving for you, ever

Dear You, I waste my wishes for your kiss.
Dear You, please get out of my head. I hate this.

When I tell a stupid joke you go ha ha ha ha ha.
When I say something so awkward you go bla bla bla bla bla.

Joking friends
Odd lovers' ends
Reaction to the texture
Depending on the lecture
And in your favorite water
Never diving for you, ever…again will I feel like this
Never will I know your kiss

The secrets we tell
I know you so well

Because it’s Yours Truly

Dear You, you know that this is going nowhere
Dear You, why should I act like I care?

Whenever you are on my mind it goes la la la la la.
Holy crap, I am in love…bla bla bla bla bla…

Joking friends
Odd lovers’ ends
Reaction to the texture
Depending on the lecture
And in your favorite water
Never diving for you, ever


The sun came out finally today. This rain is kinda making me depressed...I've always loved the rain, but not when it's been raining for 2 weeks straight!
Maybe going for a jog in a little bit...