Sunday, April 12, 2009


Easter = fat day. I ate so much food today! Sunday brunches are the best though! Good thing I'm going to the gym tomorrow...Today is also one of of my good friend's birthday. I'm really sad that I can't hang out with them, but I know they're having a great time!

So, yesterday was the Taubman museum performance. It's always fun to perform there. It's definitely a challenge to improvise a dressing room there, but we always make do. The performance went well. My performance on the other hand didn't go very well. I messed up Poppies a few times. You may argue that you didn't notice me messing up, but I just feel like I could've done better. Everyone seemed to have a great performance, and it's just one step closer to the big show coming up! I can't believe it's in two weeks! We've been working so hard that the time has just gone by so fast. It's going to be a phenomonal show, and I think everyone is just going to be blown away.

Yesterday I also had a fun photoshoot with my aunt. She was experimenting with her awesome professional camera. I'm not much of a model, but I like to pretend I am. I like putting fashion outfits together too. This was actually a vintage skirt I had bought from Goodwill a few months ago. I just made it into a dress with a belt. Then the shoes are some of my mom's old ones that I found. It was a lot of fun, and we got a lot of really good shots. I just wish that I was little more natural in front of the camera, but I think that if I practice more I might be able to get a hang of it. These pictures were some of the best shots we got. There were definitely more, but I don't want to flood your computer screen with awful modeling.

I think Spring Break has officially started, and it feels wonderful. Prom stuff is starting to happen. I really need to start figuring that stuff out. Too bad I'm too much of a procrastinator.

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Anonymous said...

Hello :)
I just had a great time reading some of your posts !
You're super-inspiring and talented + you have killer legs ! You go girl haha.
I'm a French 16-year-old modern dancer, and it's always awesome to read stuff from people as passionate as you seem to be. Your blog made me feel good and hopeful, thank you :D

Have a nice day ! (huh it's almost 7pm in France but I think it's earlier by your side ?)