Thursday, April 16, 2009

the end.

Ahhh!! Spring Break is ending so quickly! I hate it! I thought this spring break was kind of boring, but I definitely love it more than being at school! I didn't even get much of a break because I have this huge English project....blech.

Great news though: I got my learner's permit today! Passed with a perfect score! And my picture didn't turn out too terrible. I even remembered not to wear a blue shirt to not blend in with the background. I was so nervous that I was going to miss a question, but I didn't miss a single one! My dad even let me do a little driving today in an empty parking lot, and it was so freaking scary! Driving is a lot harder than I thought. I was okay with the speed; it was the steering that screwed me up! But maybe that had to do with the fact that the car I was driving was older than me. There's something I like about my dad's red pickup truck. I think it's the fact that I grew up with it, and I just have a lot of memories in that car. Whatever it is, I want to get it fixed up a bit and have it as my car. Definitely needs a new stereo. Gotta have my music!! I'm hoping to do a little more driving tomorrow and hopefully not freak out as much. I think I was just nervous about my first time in the driver's seat, but it can only get better! ...I hope.

Worked on my new choreography today, and I was feeling a little something different today than the first day I started working on it. I had a different idea of how I wanted the dance to be. Ah, the process of choreography. Maybe that's why I just improv; I just dance what I'm feeling at the moment. I even tried some of the moves with pointe shoes. It was a bit different considering it wasn't choreographed on pointe and that I was dancing on carpet. But really, expect a video in at least a couple of weeks. I need to get the show knocked out of the way first!

Played a wee bit of tennis today with my daddy. I'm usually terrible at tennis, but for some reason today I was a lot better than I usually am. And I finished the day with a fresh fruit smoothie. Oh, I also mailed my Richmond Ballet Summer Intensive documents today! So exciting! And I have to notify the scholarship people where to send my scholarship money! I'm such a busy girl just getting busier (oh, that sounds a bit dirty...).


chels_fearless said...

well i must say girly, congrats on the learners permit. : ) and i bet the pic is BEAUTIFUL! you always are in your pics. haha.
let me just tell you, sometimes kicks my butt. i couldnt tell you how many times i've hurt myself trying to learn that. hahahaha. what can i VERY clumsy!

oh! and today...i played tennis. and guess what....i suck. i hit my cousin right it the forehead. i know it sounds mean, but i laughed until i cried.
: ) hehe

you really inspire me. you know that. im like 22. and your what...15? 16? you have a big bright future ahead of you girly. and your gonna rock it.

: )
congrats on the permit again sweetie!


bria ballerina said...

Oh, Chels. You never fail to make me smile.

I've always been into making my own choreography, but I've found that I'm better at improv. Half the dances I create are improv when I perform them, but that's just the way I work! But that's going to need to change if I'm going to become a choreographer!! haha!

Oh, tennis...People always tell me that I'm too much of a ballerina when I play tennis cuz I'm always jumping around like the dancer I am.

Reading things like this brings tears to my eyes. I'm too mature for my age, but yes I'm 15. I don't think that I'll ever get used to people telling me that they look up to me because it feels so amazing everytime. It's so unbelievable, but I know it's true. Thank you so much.