Sunday, April 19, 2009

final rehearsals!!

Today was the 2nd to last rehearsal in the studio before he hit it up at the theatre. We're all getting anxious and so excited. Most of us can't believe it's this weekend. Time has gone by so quickly, and the season is almost over...

The rehearsal yesterday went great, except I had a little problem...this is a photo displaying how stupid I am. I forgot my toe pads for my pointe shoes yesterday, so being the oh-so-determined dancer that I am, I taped up my toes trying to make up for the missing toe pads. I didn't put enough toe tape because I managed to get blisters on both my fourth toes and have them pop immediately. They hardly had a chance to blister, so the skin just ripped off and started bleeding. Oh it hurt when I was dancing, but when I found them after taking off my pointe shoes, I kinda laughed. I'm just so stupid! Oh well, it comes with the job. These are my battle scars, and they make me feel hardcore, ha!
Cambria, the pianoplayer, felt better this weekend, so she came in. We finalized Celebracion and even tried it with the finished skirts! You should really see the dance; we look like a dancing rainbow! It's truly beautiful.

Today's rehearsal was a lot better than yesterday, considering I've had time to soak my feet and remembered my toe pads. I taped up my toes like crazy today with immense amounts of squishy tape and 2nd skin. I'm going to need to bring a ton of those with me to Richmond this summer...They really didn't hurt that bad, and I thank my wonderful taping skills. However, I'm in desperate need of epsom salt to heal these raw blisters faster. We set the cast for the Festival in the Park performance today. That performance is one of my favorites because it's on an outdoor stage in the middle of a huge park downtown. We get so many people to come to this show, and it's definitely a fun experience for us as dancers.

We head on over to the theatre on Wednesday! I'm so excited. You guys know how I feel about the theatre. It's where I belong, and I cannot wait to perform in a different theatre on a different stage almost every night as my life. I wish we had all week in the theatre like we do for Nutcracker, but the theatre is booked all the other nights. So, we have pretty much an all day rehearsal on Friday that leads into the show that night! It's just going to be phenomenal! I'm so excited, but I don't want it to end...

Theatre, here I come!

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The Dame said...

Oh God, that looks sooo painful! Blisters suck. It's awesome how dedicated you are, though. =D