Friday, April 24, 2009

the performance tonight was spectacular. everyone performed beautifully. it's so great to see the transformation from rehearsing to performing. during dress rehearsal today, a few of us, including me, got upset over the dress rehearsal. i tried my hardest to keep positive for the performance.

But i put on my shirt that makes me think of Keltie and got ready for the show. I had some fun with my stage makeup and snacked on pez. and I was ready. i was so nervous that it was going to be worse than dress rehearsal, but thinking negatively never helped anyone. so I kept my feet warm and kept saying to myself "I'm fearless". And next thing I know, I'm workin that stage. it was awesome...

blogging from my phone is so weird, so I think I'll just finish this tomorrow...I'm so tired!

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1 comment:

chels_fearless said...

wow, honey both of you girls look sooooo amazing in that photo, seriously.
wow, i also have like 4 of those tops. in that color, blue, orange, and red.
im proud of you for saying " im fearless" over and over again. i make my students say that all the time when they get nervous, works everytime. ; )
hope you had fun!