Monday, April 06, 2009


I finally figured out where I'm going this summer! I've decided on Richmond Ballet's summer program, and I'm so excited to room with my best friend, Sarah. Unfortunately (or fortunately), my other best friend, Courtney, isn't attending Richmond Ballet with us. She's going to Washington Ballet instead. Either way, we're all going to great programs, and we promised we would call each other very night before we go to bed.
I have a feeling that Sarah and I are going to create some trouble over in Richmond...look out, Richmond! Here we come!
This photo was from this past summer when we all went to our very own company's summer program. We're always goofing off, and I think this picture definitely defines our friendship.

This week is parent visitation week. My family came in today to observe class, as well as some other people's parents. I'm glad that my mother gets to see me work hard during my classes. She's still not too keen on me wanting to be a dancer as a career, but for some reason, I think that every time she sees me dance, she understands me a little more. She sees that passion and the drive that I have to succeed perfection....or at least I'd like to think she does.

I can't stop thinking about this summer. It makes me want to end school right now! But on the brightside, school is almost over...

Full-body deep tissue massage + Learner's permit=Friday

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