Friday, April 10, 2009

spring break-ness.

The first official day of spring break! Yesterday when I got out of school, it felt immediately like spring break. The wonderful weather just made it easier to feel on break. When I got home, I greeted my old babysitter I've been telling you all about, Leticia. She's visiting us for spring break! It's so great to see her; I've missed her terribly. Next thing I know, she's telling me to hop onto the massage table! Of course, I've been promised a massage, so I strip and hop right on! That woman sure can massage! She's got a strong hand and is very educated in the body structure. I've been begging my parents for a massage at a spa forever, but now I got one and it was for free!
So, she offered to give massages for the girls in our company. She's only charging $5o for a full-hour and full-body massage. Best deal you can probably find. She did this special massage for us dancers, and she called it the sports massage. It contained deep stretches as well as deep tissue massaging. Pedro and Dylan ended up coming to get massages, and they both enjoyed it very much. That was the same massage I got on Thursday; it was heavenly!

Later in the afternoon, we took a hike down the mountain in my backyard. Talk about an adventure! We were scaling down that hill so fast I thought I was gonna end up tumbling down and not being able to do tomorrow's show! But we made it, and I made it, so it was alright. I'm so glad that I made it down there because it was so fun! I kinda wished the little creek was of a bigger scale, like a waterfall and such, but it was still great. Leticia and I meditated for a while. And she gave me a speedy reading of my hand, but she she plainly replied, "I'll talk to you later." She still hasn't told me, but I'm quite afraid of what she saw. I'm hoping it's not about you again.
I took this video while we were there, and I was just really mad at the littering that I saw in the creek. This is a lesson to everyone! While we were down there, we found a skeleton of some sort of animal! It was crazy! It was really cool though, but I can't figure out what kind of animal it is! Maybe you guys can try and see what kind it is?

Tomorrow is the Taubman Museum show, and it's going to be spectacular. We've got a long series of dances lined up for tomorrow, and it's probably the biggest museum show we've done. All the museum shows we've done were quite short, so this one is very special. Like I said before, it's a great sneak peak at Reencuentro, but it's a major spoiler! The thing I love most about museum shows is that you're so close to the audience. You're almost dancing on top of them! It's a great experience for the dancers and the audience that you just don't get in a regular theatre. Besides, I always love museum shows!


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