Monday, April 13, 2009


Day one of spring break:
quite relaxing. looking through goodwill. quick run to fresh market. sushi for lunch. wii fit to keep in shape. laundry. sipping tea in my dirty room.

these are the two shirts I got from goodwill. cute paisley. cheesy 80's geometric shapes. oh, and please forgive me for the awful editing job. I didn't want you to see my messy room, and I just thought the effect on the first picture made the paisley-ness stand out more.

I'm hopping on a train to Maryland tomorrow. a change in plans for this spring break. definitely going shopping for cute things for prom. shoes, jewelry, makeup, the whole bit, except the dress. I'm still begging for this hot vintage dress from an online vintage store. shopping is always better in the north.

it sure feels strange knowing that I won't be dancing for a week. I'm definitely working out just too keep in shape, so I don't get a slap in the face when I go back to classes on saturday. rehearsals are saturday and sunday, and the show is in just a little more than a week. this is so exciting, nervewracking, and sad all at the same time. I don't want this company season to end. but this show is just so grand and extravagant; it's going to be great! we recently bought a wii fit, and I don't know if you know this but it actually keeps you in shape. I've caught myself struggling to do some of the exercises on it. and it's awesome that you get to set a goal and see yourself working towards it playing fun and healthy games. definitely beats boring treadmills.

I still haven't gotten my learner's permit! tomorrow early morning feels like a good time to get it. we'll just see what time my train is leaving....

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