Sunday, May 10, 2009

"As usual, there is a great woman behind every idiot.”

That is a very true quote by the beloved John Lennon.
Happy Mother's Day!

And now that I'm not being controlled by some stupid heart problems, I can finally tell you what's been going on with me for the past few days.
As you know, I had the final school recital on Thursday, Wizard of Oz. It was a lot of fun, and I think everyone was satisfied with how the performance went. I had a little mishap with my pointe shoe ribbons on stage though. One of them, the stitch came out causing the ribbon to completely come out...ah, Pedro was so mad, but I didn't need that to get to my head. So, the rest of the show went on smoothly. After the show, I had some parents tell me that I was meant to play the Scarecrow. And I definitely have to agree with them. Being a dopey Scarecrow wasn't so dopey. It was really fun, and I got to play a fun character that isn't a common character in the ballet world. Definitely a keeper.
Also, I found out that I could start crying within a matter of seconds. I never knew that. I found out that my modern teacher isn't teaching at our studio next year, and tears just exploded from behind my eyeballs. I seriously never knew that I could start crying so fast! Being able to stop was just as easy because I remembered that she's coming back to do a show with us in the fall. What really kept me inspired was her saying this:

"What are you crying about? You'll be dancing for me in two years anyways!"

It definitely made me laugh, and it definitely let me know that there are people out there wanting me to dance for them. Knowing that I'm going to have a bright future just wants me to skip and go on the journey at the same time. I just want to get there, but I have to go on some sort of battle to get there. That way I have some proof that I actually tried.

Friday, I got to skip school because I fell asleep so quickly on Thursday night that I didn't get to study for my four tests that day. My mother felt that it would be best for me to have a whole weekend to study instead of failing them all. I'm so glad she understood. I cleaned my room for about 5 hours, and I took out a huge chair that used to be in my room, and it definitely cleared the floor. Now I have a bit more room to do some more dancing about. It made me happy. Then, I went to pick up my check for $500 that I won from that audition. It felt good seeing my name on a check for $500. I just don't have that money laying around. I thought I'd just share my happy moment with you, and I wasn't sure what I should block out, so I pretty much blocked out everything, ha! I was just so excited when I got it, I snapped a pic with my phone...woot!
However, that evening, I cried for so long...but that's already in the past. No need to talk about that anymore...

Then I had another day off on Saturday. It was so strange having a Saturday off for the first time in about a year, ha! I got a lot done yesterday.
Got new glasses + dropped off my stratocaster at Kelley's + iced my swollen eyes + came up with the greatest idea ever.

Today was a lot better. It just wasn't a fantasy anymore; it actually happened. Well, technically it wasn't exactly like my fantasy because my fantasies are quite elaborate...but it was quite close. Things definitely got better, and I think I finally believe that certain things do happen for a reason. It makes sense for everything. I just wish that I could just tell you! You just say that everything is "awkward"; I'm just afraid that if I tell you that I'm absolutely into you, you'll find it awkward...You've really made me hate that word, "awkward". Next time, can we try not to make things "awkward" when they never have to be?

This weekend was so...eventful. How was all of your weekends?

PS. Just wondering: how do I compare?

PPS. getting psyched for summer!!

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