Monday, May 25, 2009


I just got home from a very busy and fun holiday weekend about an hour ago!

Like I told you all, I went to VA Beach yesterday. It wasn't the best beach in the world, but it was a beach nonetheless. The sun was shining, and the waves were great. The water was freezing cold, but once you got used to it, it wasn't so bad. But after a while, the clouds rolled in, and it got all...not beachy, ha! It even started to rain a little bit, welp. But whenever it was sunny, I headed out to the ocean and rode those waves like crazy. It was so fun! I haven't been to the beach in ages. And of course, I have to be the little ballerina that I am and take these pictures right on the beach. I don't care if people stare! I'm a dancer, and the world should know it! There wasn't a lot of hot bods to scope on, but I guess the only the good beaches attract the good looking guys, hm?

Then after the beach, we went around town, and only ate at Filipino restaurants all day long! It was pretty cool because I haven't seen so many Filipino restaurants in probably like 5 years, ha! Even though there really isn't such thing as a vegetarian filipino, I just ate all the sweet stuff. Especially this drink called Halo-Halo (the a is pronounced "ah", so it's not like the Beyoncé song, lol). It's a mixture of ice cream, ice, gelatin stuff, beans, and other yummy stuffs! It's just so yummy, and I had about 3 or 4 that day. I haven't had one in such a long time, it was good to taste one again!

Then, we made a last minute decision to spend the night at my godparents' house who live just about 30 mins away from Richmond. It's been almost 2 years since I've seen them, and it was so great to visit them! They are the cutest little family ever, and their children are just great! And let me tell you right now that my godparents are amazing chefs. They're almost as good as my mom, ha!
We spent all day at the pool today, and I'm just so tan right now. I mean, I was before, but now it's just crazy. I tan so fast! I wasn't even out in the sun for half an hour yet at the beach, and I already had a massive tan line. It's weird because neither of my parents tan. They burn! So, I'm just wondering where I got it from...

And then it's back to school tomorrow, blech. But on the brightside it's practically my last week of real school because next week is exam week, and I'm pretty much exempt from all of my exams! I'm so happy, and then I'll be so ready for the summer. I really can't wait to go to Richmond and be dancing my life away.


PS. Even though I was at the beach, I was still doing my job.

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Rissa said...

way to be Bria! Reinvent <3 !