Saturday, May 30, 2009

the glasses throw them off...

Today I went on a very unwanted run to Walmart, but I got to stock up on stuff for Richmond. I picked up shampoo, hairbands, bobby pins, makeup, and cotton balls. Oh! But I forgot razors...I'll just pick some up before I leave. But I'm also planning to get a little laptop. The cute, little, new one by Verizon, yeah? How could I just leave you all this summer wondering what I'm doing? Ha, I have to keep you all updated of course! I'm so excited, and you should be too!

And I took a little trip to the local Lebanese festival today. It was so fun! I love Lebanese food! It's so delicious! And Lebanese boys aren't too bad looking either, ha! I even learned how to belly dance, and of course I was dancing right in the middle of the place with this cool belly dancing waist thing on. It has coins on it so it jingles when I shake my hips, hehe. I went to get some cotton candy on Saturday, and I had the crazy idea of a cotton candy mustache because it looked so much like hair! I'm such a nerd...
But I saw this guy there that looked just like my Boo Bear. It made me smile a bit, and I wanted to ask him to dance, but he was always talking to people! I wanted to dance with him so bad, but then he disappeared somewhere...I think he knew I wanted to dance with him.
Why are boys so afraid to dance? If a boy dances with me, nothing is going to go wrong. If you want to get to me, you gotta dance!! Even if you think you're not a good dancer, I'd love to dance with you anytime, boys.

But I think it's the glasses that get I said, I'm a nerd.

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