Thursday, May 21, 2009

passport, eh?

All Pedro said was, "Get your passports ready, ladies. We're going to need them next year."

I know that this is where we're going, and I can't wait...

I can feel summer right around the corner, and it just feels so good. The sun didn't set until after 9pm, and my mom is making the tastiest vegetarian dinners ever. Also, this new natural face stuff I got by Arbonne makes my face feel all fresh and amazing, and it just makes me think of the summer. Being able to relax in modern class today really made me realize how much fun I'm going to have with Sarah in Richmond, and just to think, we'll be there in a month! How wild is that? I'm just afraid that the summer is going to go by so quickly, and I'll have to come back here sooner than I want. And I'll have to come back to you...
It's strange how things are working out with you right now. You're suddenly taking an interest in "Francesca" again, eh? She'd like to do something, so you have to tell me about it? You suddenly don't want to talk to me anymore? I mean, it's probably for the best, but seriously..."Francesca"?!?!? I just think that if you're going to sink that low again you're just not worth it anymore.
But in the back of my mind, I still think you're worth everything.
I never make any sense.

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